How to Beat Sundowner in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Boss Guide

Since Sundowner appeared within the cutscene of the primary story and killed the Prime Minister, he had a goal on his again. On the finish of Mission R-04: Hostile Takeover, we lastly get to combat the warmonger himself. Armed with defensive plates and a helicopter that gives surveillance, Sundowner may be an intimidating boss to face. Nevertheless, it isn’t inconceivable. Here is the way you beat the Sundowner combat in Metallic Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Preview of the sundown

Earlier than beginning the combat, remember to equip a homing surface-to-air missile in your consumable slot. If you happen to overlook, you’ll have to re-equip it at the beginning of every try, which might turn out to be tedious. Attributable to his gadget alone, Sundowner is without doubt one of the easier bosses, however he is nice at punishing errors. His principal transfer is his plate block, the place he throws down his defensive plates and blasts Raiden to any assault in opposition to them. This transfer is annoying at first, however straightforward to counter. When Sundowner throws his plates, activate Blade Mode and slice the indicated parts. There’s additionally a helicopter that sabotages your lock operate and fires missiles at you. When it flies behind Sundowner, your assaults lock onto it, forcing you to both keep away from locking on fully or place your self between Sundowner and the chopper. Nevertheless, in case you have homing missiles, these are an efficient solution to defeat the helicopter for a short while. He’ll reappear, so be ready. Associated: Will There Be A Metallic Gear Rising Revengeance 2?

First part

From the beginning, Sundowner will rush at you, inflicting a QTE should you parry the assault. The sport will immediate blade mode and spotlight the robotic arms that mount its plates if efficiently executed. If you happen to sever these arms with out hitting the pink plates themselves, these plates shall be destroyed at some stage in the combat. When he will get right into a defensive stance and raises his explosive plates, you possibly can activate Blade Mode and punctiliously slash the plates, permitting you to slash mounted arms. If you happen to hit the plates, they may explode and harm Raiden, knocking him again. Sundowner’s most harmful assault is indicated by a yellow glow. This assault can’t be parried and should be jumped over or handed. If caught, Sundowner will stab you repeatedly and deal large harm. As soon as you narrow all of the plates, leaving Sundowner defenseless, the combat will transfer on to part two. Alternatively, if you wish to skip part two, you possibly can skip slicing all of the plates and concentrate on dealing harm as a substitute. If you happen to kill him solely by inflicting harm on him, part two won’t happen. Associated: All Metallic Gear Rising Revengeance Songs, Ranked

Second part

As soon as Sundowner has no extra defensive plates, he goes to part two. On this part, he’ll focus much less on protection and extra on assault. It is going to use one other assault the place it is going to glow yellow and can’t be parried. To keep away from this assault, soar when it’s about to activate. After some time, Sundowner will soar to a close-by platform and dispatch smaller enemies. These can be utilized to regain your well being with Zandatsu. When you kill these enemies, he’ll seize the pole and swing it in direction of you. You’ll be able to parry this assault, and if it is parried twice, the put up collapses. This assault works equally to Monsoon’s Particles Ball. You too can run as much as Sundowner and hit his again throughout this assault. As soon as Sundowner reaches 10% well being, there’s a brief flight part. This flight part is fairly self-explanatory because the solely actual mechanic is dodging obstacles and shifting by way of the tunnel. On the finish of the tunnel, the sport will function blade mode. When Sundowner fires missiles at you, there shall be a QTE, and if it succeeds, congratulations. You have got now crushed Sundowner. For extra Metallic Gear Rising: Revengeance guides, come have a look at How one can Beat Jetstream Sam in Metallic Gear Rising Revengeance – Boss Information right here on

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