How to beat Alectos the Relentless at Starstone Barrows in the New World

Alectos the Relentless is the first major boss of Starstone Barrows, the expedition located in Everfall. If you dodge his Arcane Orb attacks and kill the Skeletons he summons, you should have no trouble defeating this Skeletal Mage.

Where to find Alectos in Starstone Barrows

Alectos will be waiting for you after passing through the crypt rooms at Starstone Barrows. You will have to go through the different beam puzzles and defeat hordes of enemies to reach it. There is a group of enemies nearby, so be sure to kill them before engaging Alectos and his minions. Image via Amazon Games

How to beat Alectos the Relentless

Alectos has several moves that you need to watch out for. First, make sure you kill any skeletons it spawns. He will start the fight with a few by his side and spawn three more at intervals. Shoot them down to keep your party from being overwhelmed by too many enemies. Related: How To Beat Greundgul The Regent In Starstone Barrows In New World He Will Also Empower A Random Minion When He Summons A New Bundle. The empowered enemy will grow larger, have more health, and deal more damage. Beware of these enemies and kill them as fast as possible. Alectos will occasionally throw five purple orbs in a spread pattern in the direction he is facing. Make sure to dodge them as they will deal big damage. When Alectos spins his staff above his head, make sure you get as far away from him as possible. It will throw the stick to the ground and do great damage to anyone caught in its blast. Anyone who is not a tank should avoid this at all costs to provide relief to the healer. If you kill Alectos’ minions and dodge his orbs and AOE attack, you should be able to kill him in no time and make your way through the expedition to the final boss, Greundgul the Regent. Need more help with Nouveau Monde? Check out our growing catalog of guides here.

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