How to be born in New Jersey in BitLife

Image via Candywriter As part of the recent Creeper By The Dozen challenge in BitLife, you are expected to create a male character from New Jersey. Although it is easy to create a male character from the custom screen, many players cannot choose New Jersey as their birthplace due to not providing state names. So, to create a male character from New Jersey, you will need to select the United States as the country and Newark as the city of birth. Being the capital of New Jersey, Newark falls under the jurisdiction of New Jersey, indirectly completing the challenge. Related: How to complete the Creeper By The Dozen challenge in BitLife

Where is New Jersey in BitLife?

As mentioned earlier, you need to select Newark from the list. To do this, follow the given steps. Open the custom life customization option when creating a new life. Choose Male as the starting gender and United States as the country. Look for Newark in the long list of towns. It should be present somewhere between New York and Oakland. Screenshot by our guides After starting your life, you should be able to see that the first objective of the Creeper By The Dozen would be marked as complete. To learn more about BitLife, look at How to Adopt Kids in BitLife or How to Marry Rich in BitLife on our guides.

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