How to Baa in Goat Simulator (PC and Mobile)

Image via Coffee Stain Studios Being a goat comes with many responsibilities. First of all, you have to meet the grass consumption quota. Second, you need to lick all the surfaces to make sure they aren’t made of weed. More importantly, you need baa. Derived from the Latin word “balare” or “to bleat”, baa’ing is the highest responsibility of all bovids. This is how baa in Goat Simulator game.

How Baa in Goat Simulator

How Baa for PC Users

PC users are blessed with the simple keyboard shortcut of “B”, which stands for “Baa”. By pressing “B”, the player’s goat will emit the magnificent onomatopoeic sound that differentiates it from other mammals: the baa. With this declaration of goat identity, users can progress through the game with no doubt that they are, in fact, a goat. Related: Where to find goats in the New World?

How Baa for mobile users

Mobile users are not afforded the simple luxury of “B for baa”. Instead, they must take a more subtle approach to establishing their bovine presence: furiously patting the goat. Tapping the goat will remind him of his story, causing him to recall his list of goat responsibilities. Although he met the grass consumption quota and licked every surface, he forgot the sacred expectations of goats everywhere. It must baa. This call from heaven will bring the goat back into its assigned role as baa dispenser. From now on, the protagonist goat will never forget his responsibilities, out of fear inflicted by the player’s divine reminder. Now players can finally resume their immersion as a temporary pilot goat. For more Goat Simulator guides, look at What is Goat Simulator 3? Release date, platforms and more! here on our guides.

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