How to add characters to your roster in Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution, IP’s first open-world action RPG, opens up a whole new dimension of Marvel superhero gaming. Similar to Marvel Future Fight, Future Revolution kicks off players with just a few heroes following a cutscene. As you progress through the game, you will be able to add more heroes to your team, which will make missions and tasks easier to complete. In other words, all heroes are playable right off the bat, and you can choose which ones to include in your squad. To add heroes to your vast roster, follow the steps below: Related: Marvel Future Revolution Character Level List Open the game and click on the book icon in the upper right corner. A new menu will open where you will need to choose the Select Hero option towards the bottom of the screen. Once done, the hero selection screen will open and you can simply click on the + symbol to add new heroes to your team. Your list will initially consist of four available locations. Eventually, after playing for longer and earning enough Crystals, you will be able to purchase a Hero Expansion Ticket. Players can hit a maximum of eight slots by purchasing the Hero Expansion Ticket four times. There are currently eight playable heroes in the game. If the playable roster grows, the process of adding heroes to your roster should remain the same. For more guides on Marvel Future Revolution, be sure to check back to Guides.

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