How to activate the blue light filter on Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X UI update includes upgrade to 4K resolution, night mode, blue light filter, and more. To turn on the blue light filter, go to Settings, select Accessibility, select Night mode, and then select Display. The night mode display has options to darken the screen and apply a blue light filter. The Blue Light Filter option has a bar to adjust the filter, giving users the freedom to choose its strength. Related: How To Activate Night Mode On Xbox Series X Since Blue Light Filter is part of Night Mode, users can select when Night Mode activates or keep it always on. Users can adjust the night mode settings to include only the blue light filter, but there are also options to block HDR display and adjust the brightness of the Xbox logo lights on the console and controller. The night mode display settings can be seen below, comparing screens with no night mode enabled and one with Dim at nearly 50% and the blue light filter at almost 90%. The change is quite drastic, but the settings can, of course, be adjusted to suit your preferences. Image via Xbox The blue light filter will allow users to adjust the screen to put less strain on the eyes. According to a Harvard Medical School article, “blue wavelengths, which are beneficial during the day because they boost attention, reaction times and mood, seem to be the most disruptive at night.” An experiment by Harvard researchers found that blue light suppressed melatonin about twice as long as green light. By dimming the blue light on an Xbox Series X, users can reduce eye strain and prevent sleep disturbances from continued exposure to blue light. For more Xbox Series X guides, look at Best Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox Series X / S on our guides.

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