How to activate Streamer mode in New World

With the release of the massively multiplayer online game (MMO), New World, many fans will want to broadcast their gameplay to Watchers. There can be a lot of issues trying to stream a game, especially for popular streamers. If you want to play with peace of mind while showing off your prowess to the New World, you will need to activate Streamer Moder.

What is Streamer mode for?

Streamer mode is a tool that changes the gaming experience. For streamers on Twitch or other platforms, they sometimes have trouble presenting the gameplay correctly when dealing with annoying or harassing players who are on the Internet. their server. Streamer Moder will keep players away from other players. It can also hide notifications to ensure the privacy of the streamers. Related: How To Link Your Amazon Prime Gaming Account With New World?

How to activate Streamer mode

You can activate Streamer mode in two different ways. The first option is to use in-game chat, where you’ll type either / busy or / dnd. The second choice is to go to the Settings menu and find the Social and Twitch tabs. Once there, activate the settings you want to personalize your streaming experience. Want to explore more New World content? Try How To Boost Performance In The New World – How To Boost FPS? on Guides.

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