How to activate night mode on Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X user interface has received a major update, allowing the dashboard to achieve 4k resolution. Along with the 4K upgrade, Xbox Series X now features Night Mode, which offers customizable dimming options. To activate night mode, go to Settings, select Accessibility, and then select Night mode. Otherwise, go to Settings, select TV and display options, and then select Night mode. Related: Best Gaming Monitors For Xbox Series X / S The Night Mode Menu Has Many Different Options For Customizing The Display. The screen brightness can be dimmed and a blue light filter can also be adjusted. There is also an option to block HDR, which will reduce the contrast between extreme lights and darkness and reduce the overall color quality. The theme can also be changed between light and dark, however, darkness will put less strain on the eyes in night mode. image via Xbox Users can also select when night mode activates and ends. There is an option to turn night mode on at sunset and off at sunrise, but there is also an option to select the exact times to turn night mode on and off. Image via Xbox Night mode can also reduce the brightness of the Xbox logo light on the controller and console in case users want to watch a movie or play games without the bright light. Night mode is intended to reduce eye strain and help users sleep better after watching the TV screen. Night mode has some very in-depth customization options that will hopefully help those who would like less strain, or who just have a preference over display settings. For more Xbox Series X guides, look at Best Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox Series X / S on our guides.

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