How Sacrifice Works in Inscryption

Screenshot by Guides Inscryption is a dark and twisted horror game that uses a mix of deck building and puzzle solving. The deckbuilding aspect is a big part of the game and as such has many elements of it. One of them is sacrifice. There are three types of sacrifices in Inscryption. You can sacrifice your cards during a match, on sacrificial stones, and when you meet the Lord of Bones. The latter of these methods can only be used by reaching their respective events on the in-game map. Related: How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in Inscryption Sacrificing your cards during a match is the most common form of sacrifice. This method sacrifices your cards to summon stronger cards. The number of sacrifices required is indicated by the blood on the card. More powerful cards will require more sacrifices. You can find cards that have a seal that allows them to stay on the board after being sacrificed. The other methods require you to find Sacrificial Stones or Lord of Bones. At Sacrificial Stones, you can sacrifice a card to inscribe its seal on a new card. This is a good method of getting rid of unwanted cards and strengthening other cards. The Lord of Bones will permanently sacrifice your card and grant you a boon. For more information on Inscryption, see All Achievements in Inscryption and How to Solve the Paint Puzzle in Inscryption on Guides.

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