How Rainbow Six Extraction’s Leveling System Works

Screenshot by our guides Rainbow Six Extraction has an upgrade system that can be a bit confusing at first. In Extraction, players will work in teams of three with other Operators to complete the goals of their mission to understand and defeat a new alien enemy known as the Archaean. Along the way, players will receive XP that will contribute to their leveling, but leveling has three different facets. In Rainbow Six Extraction, there are three things to consider when earning XP to level up. Operator Advancement, Tech Tree, and Milestones all have their own leveling system, although XP will overlap as they progress. Related: All types of missions in Rainbow Six Extraction

Operator advancement

Operator Advancement will increase the level of a specific Operator in the game. Each Operator has ten levels and will receive XP alongside milestones. Upgrading an Operator will give players access to new weapons and gear exclusive to that Operator. Players will need to use the Operator they wish to upgrade when playing a mission, as only the Operator used will receive XP upon completion of the objective.

Tech tree

The Tech Tree is distinct from Operator and Milestone advancement in that it does not progress through XP but rather through points. These points can be earned by pursuing milestones, so in a way the increased XP advances the tech tree, but it’s not what players will spend on upgrades. The Tech Tree is where players will unlock new technologies, weapons, and gear.


Milestones can be more easily understood as your player level. As players earn XP, their Milestone level will progress. Upgrading milestones will grant players access to new Operators and other rewards. There is a level cap of 30 for milestones. Want to learn more about Rainbow Six Extraction? Check out the best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators on our guides!