How much money does Gaul make as a Twitch streamer?

Alexandre “gAuLeS” Borba, or Gauls, is one of the most popular Brazilian Twitch streamers, with over 50,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of followers. But how much does Gaul earn with his stream? After broadcasting CS: GO for thousands of hours, Gaules has built up a huge following. According to recent alleged leaks about payments from Twitch subscribers, Gaules earned more than $ 2.8 million between August 2019 and October 2021. The leaks, which mainly rely on subscriber payments, suggest that during a In any given year, Gauls earned approximately $ 1.4 million in subscription revenue. However, the leaks are unconfirmed and many streamers have denied that the numbers in the leak are correct. Related: How Much Money Does Nickmercs Make As A Twitch Streamer? Instead, Gaul’s actual earnings could be much higher. With the streamer reposting and commenting on numerous professional CS: GO games, and acquiring sponsorships and deals with Twitch, the actual amount could far exceed those initial estimates. Additionally, donations and other forms of streaming-related income are not included in the leak. Ultimately, there’s no way of knowing exactly how much Gaul is making from Twitch unless he makes an official statement. However, like most people, Twitch streamers tend to keep their personal finances private. But with the alleged leaks, we can at least estimate the amount to be at least seven digits. For more details on Twitch’s revenue from recent leaks, see Which Twitch Streamers Got The Most From Subscriptions In 2021? on Guides.

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