How many levels are there in Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of the Left 4 Dead franchise, has been chased by fans for years to continue the genre of co-op shooter they are known for. Now that their most recent title, Back 4 Blood, is available to consumers, up to four friends can take on hordes of Ridden throughout the game’s campaign. A question for concerned consumers concerns the length of the game. main story of Back 4 Blood. There are 32 campaign missions in Back 4 Blood, spanning four acts and ten chapters. We’ve listed each of the game’s acts, chapters, and levels below: Related: How to Gain Supply Points in Back 4 Blood Act 1 Introduction Respawn Blood Tunnel Pain Train The Passage Search and Rescue A Broomstick Reserve worms Blitz from the bar room The darkness before dawn Special delivery The Dinner Hollow of blue dog Bad seeds The bells of hell Abandoned The sound of thunder Act 2 The Armory A call to arms The handyman Plan B cure- pipes Backcountry Trailer in the trash The hoof The broken bird Work 10:22 Heralds of the worm Part 1 Heralds of the worm part 2 Serious Danger Act 3 Dr Rogers district Further on Flaming trails Cabins by the lake Garden-party T-5 Remnants A Friend in Need Grading The Road to Hell The Junkyard Act 4 With a plethora of unique objectives, locations, and mutations for players to tackle, Back 4 Blood’s story offers plenty of Ridden to kill in different ways. Back 4 Blood is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. For more on Back 4 Blood on the Guides, look at Is There Friendly Shooting in Back 4 Blood?

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