How many bosses are there in Metroid Dread?

Image via Mercury Stream In Samus’ latest adventure, there are 10 bosses you’ll fight on the planet ZDR, some of which appear multiple times. Here are the opponents you’ll face in the final and ending of the Fusion Saga: Body The first Dread Boss encounter is in Artaria. Kraid Kraid can be found at Cataris Stadium. Robot Chozo Soldier This is the first boss you will encounter several times in Metroid Dread. Look for the Chozo Soldier Robot in Ferenia and Ghavoran. Drogyga Drogyga is the boss of the Burenia course. Soldier Chozo This boss appears four times in Metroid Dread. Your first meeting being in Elun, the second in Ghavoran, the third in Artaria and the fourth in Hanubia. The Escue school is another boss who settles in the Ferenia scene. Experiment n ° Z-57 This boss is another local in the Cataris scene. Golzuna You will meet Golzuna at the Gavoran stage. Soldier Chozo Twin Robot Another boss that appears more than once. They can be found in Ferenia and Burenia. Raven’s Beak The final Metroid Dread boss can be found in the Itorash stage. Related: How To Unlock All Rewards & End Screens In Metroid Dread Overall, Fusion Saga Epic Conclusion Should Take About 10 Hours, All Bosses, Main Story & Extras. Interested in more Metroid madness? Find out what to do with unknown resources and how to extend Samus’ map on Guides

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