How many animals can you own in BitLife?

In total, non-Bitizen players can have up to four pets in BitLife and can only adopt them from in-game animal shelters. Along with this, non-Bitizens cannot access animal breeders. , exotic animals or pet stores. However, Bitizen players can buy any pet as long as they have a property that is large enough with lots of coins. Bitizens can also access all variations of the pet stores and are not subject to any restrictions. For this reason, the answer to the number of pets players can have is divided between four for normal players and no limit for Bitizens beyond living space. Related: How to Get Every Pet in BitLife?

How to get more space for pets in BitLife?

To get more pet space in Bitlife, you will need to own a huge house by purchasing one from a real estate agent. If you are unsure of a house that has a lot of space, you can check by looking at the house statistics. Ideally, you’ll want something around 6br / 8ba, but only if you plan on getting something like 10-15 cats.

How do I adopt a pet in BitLife?

To adopt a pet in BitLife, you will need to visit the animals tab under activities and find the animal shelter. By clicking on the animal shelter, a list of animals available for adoption will be displayed. That said, click on one, and you can adopt them by clicking on adopt. To learn more about BitLife, Guides offers you a large and ever-expanding catalog of guides.

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