How do I use Wingsuit in Battlefield 2042?

Screenshot by Guides Wingsuit is a capability / trait distinctive to the Sundance Specialist in Battlefield 2042. They use this gear as an alternative of a parachute. The wingsuit lets you rapidly cowl distances that may not be potential in case you weren’t utilizing an airplane. As talked about earlier than, it is advisable equip the Sundance Specialist to have the ability to use the wingsuit. To deploy it, acquire peak and soar off the platform you might be standing on. The platform doesn’t must be at an important peak. As such, standing on a container crate additionally works. Press the parachute entry (Keyboard House) to activate the wingsuit. You may maneuver the wingsuit utilizing the default directional and motion controls. Nevertheless, being proficient in the usage of the wingsuit requires appreciable ability and apply. You may get a glimpse of the Sundance wingsuit and different talents within the Battlefield Fb put up beneath. Associated: How To Use The Ranger Drone In Battlefield 2042 Totally mastering the Sundance Wingsuit might take some time, however when you’re good at it you will resist switching to a different Specialist. The tips and actions you’ll be able to carry out with the wingsuit are limitless and overwhelming. Please be aware that you could be take harm from a head-on collision with the bottom or in case you open the wingsuit simply earlier than touching the floor. This occurs lots and there’s no want to fret about it. Keep tuned to the Guides for extra Battlefield 2042 and Portal content material. Within the meantime, have a look at our article – How one can deploy a bipod in Battlefield 2042?

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