How do I join the Goat Grabbing team in BitLife?

Screenshot by Guides To join the Goat Capture Team in BitLife, you will need to create a character born in Afghanistan and reach the point where you enroll in high school. It’ll be roughly around the age of 15, and you’ll also get a pop-up letting you know, so don’t worry. Along with the high school requirement, you will also need to have decent athletic stats as most sports require it, including the goat catching team. You can achieve a high level of athleticism by training, recreating characters, and taking long walks. Related: How To Get The Midnight Express Achievement In BitLife That said, after getting old a few times, you’ll start going to high school, and when you do, you’ll need to visit the activity option under the school tab. You can find the school tab as shown below. Screenshot by Guides Tap on the school tab, and it will bring you to a tab which will show several options. The one you’ll want to click is Public Secondary School, as shown below. Screenshot by Guides Clicking on Public Secondary School will then take you to another tab and the next option you want to press is activities as shown below. Screenshot by Guides Once you click on the activities, you will want to search for the goat capture team and join them. Once you have signed up, you will have completed the Goat Grabbing achievement in BitLife. To learn more about BitLife, Guides offers you a large and ever-expanding catalog of guides.

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