How do I access the Amrine Excavations and get my key?

Dungeons in New World take the form of Expeditions. Let’s see how to access Armine Excavations, level 25 expedition and the game’s first! New World contains various instantiated activities. Among them are expeditions, equivalent to classic dungeons from other MMOs. The first, accessible at level 25, is called The Excavations of Amrines. How to get there To enter an expedition, you need a key. For Amrines excavations, it can be accessed by different means, including the main quest.

How to access the Amrine Excavations?

Les Fouilles d’Amrine is a level 25 expedition north of Gré-du-Vent. This is the game’s first expedition and will be your introduction to this PvE game mode.
Entrance to Amrine Excavations north of Gré-du-Vent, via newworldmap To enter an expedition, you will need a key. The latter can be found in several different ways: Via the main quest. Being your introduction to Expeditions, this dungeon allows you to advance the main quest. You will therefore have a key as you advance in the story. Build it. By being a level 50 Stonecutter and having: a T3 Workshop, 50 Stone Blocks, 10 Weathered Shards, 1 Iron Chisel, and 1 Eternal Core made from 50 Seeds of Life, Death, and Spirit, you will get an Amrine Accord Orb. Via an NPC in Haute-Chute. William Heron is an NPC that you will find in Hautes-Chutes and who will give you a number of side quests. In the following quest line, you will receive the key as a reward.

Location of William Heron, NPC giving Haute-Chute quests, via newworldmap.

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