Hour of Code Angry Bird, how to learn to code with code.org?  –

If you want to learn the basics of coding in a fun way, thanks to Hour of Code it is possible to learn thanks to Angry Bird! If you like Angry Birds and mobile games and want to learn the basics of code and its concepts, code.org and its Hour of Code program offer different scenarios in the world of colorful birds. The objective is to perform different actions such as moving, attacking, block by block. The Hour of Code site offers different programs in various universes such as Minecraft to learn coding. If you want to play in the world of Angry Birds it’s possible and it’s free! Block programming is both very intuitive and used in large universities such as Berkeley or Havard! >>> To code with Angry Birds click here <<<

Hour of Code Angry Birds, learn programming easily with code.org

As mentioned previously, Code.org offers the possibility thanks to its Hour of Code program to learn to program easily and in a very intuitive way. You will therefore have on the site the possibility of playing Angry Birds to learn to code, but also Plants vs Zombies and many others. To do this, you just have to go to the hour of code program dedicated to Angry Birds. on code.org. Once on the site, you will have to stack the blocks in order to carry out the various actions which are required of you such as for example moving your bird forward, making it turn, the objective being always to reach the pig. Published on 10/21/2021 3:40 PM

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