Halo Infinite reveals Forge mode will have full scripting system

Many Halo fans were disappointed to learn that Halo Infinity would launch without a campaign or forge mode. 343 said those modes would come later, with Forge slated for a Season 3 release of Infinite post-launch content. Some fans couldn’t wait and it looks like Forge has leaked. The Forge of Halo Infinite could end up being the greatest forge mode the Halo series has seen. It seems to have a full-fledged scripting system that will give players even more freedom and control over the types of games and maps they create. Related: Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tech Preview – Release Date, Game Modes & More This is done through a node system that Halo players can interact with. You can see some screenshots and videos below. Halo 5 had an awesome forge mode which allowed users to make games in Halo 5 such as Pong, Galaga, and many classic game types from previous Halo forge modes. If these leaks are true, then Halo Infinite’s Forge Mode will allow for even more impressive builds. It remains to be seen whether this forge mode will be released or not. 343 still has time before its release to turn things around and make some changes. But if this is true, it shows that 343 is taking a long time to forge and that the delay would be worth it. For more information on Halo, see How to pre-order Halo Infinite Xbox Series X and When is the Halo: Infinite release date? on Guides.

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