Guns of Glory cheats, tips and strategy guide to build a better base

Guns of Glory is a really good base building strategy game for Android and iOS – powering your device. While it doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre, it does offer a good alternate universe for the game, beautiful graphics, and very addictive mechanics. And we’re here to help make the experience even better by sharing a bunch of Guns of Glory Cheats and Tips with players around the world.

It is true that if you have played any basic control game before, then you already know most of the things that should be known about this game. But in case you didn’t, or just want to make sure you don’t miss anything important, look at our Guns of Glory tips and tricks below.

1. Focus on completing missions
Missions are extremely important, especially at the start of the game, as they get a base set for the future. I always recommend that players follow missions and progress through them as quickly as possible.

Early on, you can speed up the production of most buildings, and you should do that because the more buildings you have and the more upgrades you have, the better your start will be. Also watch out for epic quests for epic rewards!

Guns of Glory cheats, tips and strategy guide to build a better base

2. Join the alliance as soon as possible
Being part of an alliance – and active, that is – is vital in the game. So join one as soon as possible in order to enjoy all the benefits that come from it. Being part of an active alliance is what makes or breaks this game, so feel free to do some quests before finding the right one for you.

As part of the alliance, your game will be much easier, and you will find tons of additional ways to build a better empire.

3. Spend Your Talent Points Wisely
As you level up and complete various tasks, you earn talent points. They offer great benefits and help improve your game a lot, but you have to be very careful when spending them: not only are the talent points you get when you play are limited, but it costs a lot of money to reset them, so it really isn’t. worth it.

On the other hand, war and balance upgrades offer a ton of goodies and advantages in combat, both defensively and offensively for your troops, marching speed upgrades, fighting against beasts, looting and so on.

Guns of Glory Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to Build Better Base

They are extremely useful and I would personally start by spending 6-10 points on balance at the start of the game and then switch to fight and make my own choices depending on the type of game I will be playing.

4. Conquer the world!
Instead of waiting for your base to produce resources, it’s easier (and much more fun) to just go out there and grab it. You can attack other players in the game, but this is a risk in most cases, as it usually means retaliation will happen – and if they are part of a strong, active alliance, you can get a lot of hits.

But you can still attack neutral regions on the map and take tons of rewards and goodies. You can attack beasts (make sure you choose their level carefully), or farm next to resource tiles. This will give you tremendous incentives and benefits in the long run, and is the best way to play the game.

Be careful not to spread your army too thinly by occupying these areas: it is better to have fewer, better defended ones than a ton of them that will be easily captured by other players.

Finally, finding targets for farming is a good idea: it means finding lower level players or inactive players that you can constantly attack for easy wins and good resource growth. It will take some time and luck, but once you find a target like this, it can be a really profitable strategy to keep attacking them.

Guns of Glory Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to Build Better Base

5. Collect free goodies
There are tons of free goodies you can earn in Guns of Glory, just make sure you actually collect them. Log in daily, complete missions and check your inbox every day, and soon you’ll have a ton of items ready to use well.

Make sure you do this and don’t waste items that you have! Also watch out for the building in front of the castle gates to constantly collect free items.

6. Always work on building upgrades and research
Keeping everything within you, your kingdom is completely revamped – this is the only thing you should strive for. This is a fairly simple procedure that you will have to get into: upgrade your castle, and then bring all the other structures in your empire to the maximum level. Rinse and redo and you become one of the best players in the game.

7. Max of your troops
Make sure you always have your military tents full and your troops leveled up, ready for battle. You should also provide variety when it comes to troops, as each troop type comes with different pros and cons.

If for some reason you manage to train more troops than you can feed, you can fire them. But do this only temporarily until you get enough food to feed an entire army, otherwise you won’t get very far.

8. Your Airship Dock
Your Zeppelin Doc and your Zeppelin give you big bonuses in combat, and you should also focus on strengthening it to get the most out of combat. This is basically your hero or leader, and there are a ton of goodies you can unlock for him like artifacts and abilities. Make sure you constantly test him and apply whatever abilities you have, and then upgrade him to get even more out of him.

These would be our tips and tricks for Guns of Glory. If you have any additional tips or strategies for fellow players, feel free to share them with us all in the comments section below.

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