Guardians of Cloudia WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

GUARDIANS OF CLOUDIA is a game for android with release date 05/26/2021 from NEOCRAFT LIMITED. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ‘answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

It is better to download Guardians of Cloudia to your computer from this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log into your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wiseest of all.

Guardians of Cloudia WiKi:Contents of the article

  1. Codes
  2. Class selection and character creation
  3. A guide for beginners
  4. How to increase the hero’s BM?
  5. All ways to get pets, their processing
  6. Pet Leveling Guide
  7. Enhancing equipment and how to obtain it
  8. Guide on runes, pumping and methods of obtaining
  9. Earnings in the market, how to increase your income?
  10. Shopping strategy, how to spend currency correctly?
  11. Treasure Hunt Walkthrough
  12. Completing quests in the tavern
  13. Sky Tower Walkthrough, Sky Loot
  14. Secrets of Arena Battles
  15. Guild membership, development and events
  16. Weddings
  17. Overview of temporary events
  18. Guide for donators, an excellent horse
  19. Conclusion, pros and cons of the game

Guardians of Cloudia: Codes

Cheats is a welcome addition for all Guardians of Cloudia players. By activating them, you will receive in-game currency and resources for pumping for free. All codes have an expiration date and are updated regularly.

Where should I enter the code? To redeem the code, press the « Benefits » button on the main screen and go to the « Exchange codes » section. Enter the valid code, observing the upper and lower case rules, and finally click « Exchange ». The provided gifts will instantly go to your account.

Examples of exchange codes:

  • GOCTREASURE gives 50k gold leaves, 50k silver leaves, 1 sacred bell.
  • GOC777 gives 100k gold leaves, 100k silver leaves, 10 sacred bells.
  • VIP888, VIP666 exclusive gifts.

In order not to miss the appearance of new exchange codes, subscribe to the official game page on Facebook and follow the updates of the developers’ posts. Most often, new exchange codes are timed to coincide with holidays and important in-game events.

Guardians of Cloudia: Class Selection & Character Creation

What character classes are there in the game? There are 5 character classes in Guardians of Cloudia: Rogue, Archer, Mage, Oracle, and Swordsman. The class will depend not only on the specifics of pumping the hero, but also on his role in the team, so think carefullyyour choice based on your playing style. To help our readers, we’ll break down each class separately.

Be careful: you cannot change the main class of the hero during the game!

Rogue. Rogues are FATC melee combatants. They are on the front lines, slaying enemies with lightning-fast attacks, honed movements and crushing blows. Rogues are swift and can easily dodge enemy attacks, thereby gaining an advantage on the battlefield. Rogue regular attacks give them combo points. Each combo increases the rogue’s critical strike chance up to 5 times. They are ideal PvP and PvE fighters.

The main disadvantage of this class is a small supply of health. Simply put, if your nimble fighter still falls into the enemy’s camp and takes all the enemy’s damage, he may lose. In this regard, the player should carefully use the auto-fight function, use the help of the oracle and, if possible, prevent his character from being in the enemy’s defeat zone.

Archer. Archers are ranged FATC fighters. Unlike robbers, they are not in close proximity to the enemy. Ideal characters for dealing damage to single targets, indispensable in attacks against bosses, they show themselves remarkably in PvP modes. Archers are not as strong as Rogues, but make up for this with a safe, long-range combat position.

EveryFor 12 seconds, the archer summons an ability called Wind Vector, which is used to enhance his skills. Due to the peculiarities of the heroes of this class, the player is able to go through most of the activities with them without resorting to cooperative mode and using autoboy.

M. Mages are ranged MATK fighters. They can inflict devastating damage through the use of the power of the elements. Mages are able to establish resonance with the world’s magical energy and increase due to it the power of their attacks by 3%. The weakness of the magician is their fragility, so they are best revealed with the support of the oracle and receiving protection from the swordsman. Otherwise, it is a great class for PvE and PvP activities.

Oracle. Oracle support character, healer (priest). He heals the wounds of the rest of the soldiers, so he is an irreplaceable member of the team, without whom it is hardly possible to pass difficult tests. The oracle does little damage, but it has the ability to maintain its health at a consistently high level and replenish HP reserves from the main damage dealers of the squad.

Making normal attacks, the oracle receives Holy energy and uses it to enhance the effect of the healing skill. This is a character for team play, but don’t worry there is always a place for the oracle in any squad, so you can go through all the activities of the game without any problems. With proper pumping, the oraclebecomes almost indestructible, able to survive in any situation.

Swordsman. Swordsmen are the tanks of the unit. The most tenacious and hardy class, recommended at the first stages of mastering the game. Swordsmen do not inflict much damage, but they have amazing resilience, due to which they are able to take on most of the enemy’s damage, helping the rest of the team to defeat the opponent. As he attacks and takes damage from the enemy, the swordsman accumulates an indicator of Rage.

When Fury reaches its highest limit, the swordsman activates Fury, increases attack power and reduces incoming damage. Also, the swordsman is able to attract enemies to himself, which makes it easier for robbers, archers and magicians to finish off an opponent. This ability is very useful for completing dungeons and in PvP mode. The Swordsman is a great class for team play. Along with the oracle, it is always in demand both in PvE and in PvP activities.

Character customization. After deciding on the preferred class, you need to complete the creation of your character, giving him individual appearance features. You can choose from:

  • Hairstyle;
  • Hair color;
  • Eye shape;
  • Eye color.

You can use any combination to generate the character you like. The final stage of creation is the choice of a name come up with your own or set a random one by clicking on the cube-shaped icon opposite the name. At the end of all preparatory proceduresyour hero will be ready for exploits in the city of Claudia!

Guardians of Cloudia Beginner’s Guide

What is this game about? Guardians of Cloudia is a new MMORPG where you have to act on behalf of one of the selected characters, protect the peace of the city of Claudia, complete challenges, help residents and participate in adventures, gradually improving your character. In battles, you will be helped by battle pets, received in the call-up. As you level up your character, you will unlock new activities and enhancement opportunities.

Tips for getting started. To make your journey through the world of Guardians of Cloudia enjoyable and successful, be sure to consider the following:

  • Start playing on a new server. Start on the day, and even at the hour of its opening. This will allow you to be on an equal footing with other players and develop together with everyone. On the new server, you can easily find teams for the first passes of tests, quickly join a promising guild and show good results in the ratings.
  • Keep track of the server time. The game servers are divided into 3 groups: Asia, America or Europe. When choosing the right server, be sure to consider your time zone. There are many time events in the game, so it is very important to be on a server that is comfortable for you, where the game will not disrupt your usual rhythm of life and will allow you to take part inall trials of the day;
  • Choose active start. All your further progress will depend on your activity in the first days of the game. We recommend that you devote the maximum free time to the game in the initial days in order to open all the available gameplay elements, complete the current main quests and start pumping the hero.
  • Prepare for the game. It is best to start the game with a prepared player who already understands the gameplay and knows how to get the necessary resources and use them correctly to pump the hero. For this purpose, read our article, where we tried to explain all the main points for successfully mastering Guardians of Cloudia. Thanks to our advice, you can easily achieve success and take high places in the server ratings without resorting to donation.

How to start the walkthrough? Start Guardians of Cloudia by completing quests. Their list is always displayed as a list on the left side of the main game screen. Just click on any task to proceed to its completion. Many quests are marked as « main » and « side » the first are needed to develop the plot and open new game options, and for completing the second you get additional rewards (displayed opposite the quest). Also in the list of quests are the Gameplay Book tests, for example, the tasks of the wind roll and the tasks of the bell.

We recommend that you always complete open main quests in order to receive more rewards, saveexperience and do not miss new opportunities for pumping the hero. For example, the functionality of inserting runes opens to you only after completing the corresponding main quest. The availability of the main quests depends on the level of the hero.

The main currencies of the game. There are 3 types of main currencies in the game:

  • Silver and gold leaves are used to level up the hero and pets. Obtained for completing quests, challenges and ingots obtained in the land of treasures;
  • Bound Diamonds is a currency that can be obtained for achievements, completing quests, in events, or by exchanging gold leaves. Used to buy items from the Black Market and the Trade Guild shop;
  • Diamonds is the premium currency of the game. You can get it only for replenishing your account. Used to buy high value items.

Watch commercials daily to replenish your supply of Gold Leaves. To do this, click « Benefits » on the main screen of the game and select the « Watch video » section. You can watch 1 video daily and get 8888 units for it. golden leaves. The reward limit resets at 05:00 server time.

Gameplay book. Click the « Gameplay » button at the top of the screen and look at the challenges that you need to go through during the day. We recommend that you do not miss participation in the daily gameplay in order to develop evenly with other players on the server and keep up with the account level. VOtherwise, this is fraught not only with a drop in combat power, but also with the refusal of players to take you into teams to complete group dungeons, which are very necessary to obtain valuable pumping resources. Let’s look at the most important daily challenges:

  • Bell Quest 8 mini-quests, during which you need to complete the instructions of the locals. Rewards: XP, Dew Transfer, and Sacred Bells;
  • Windrunner’s Quest 5 quest-battles as part of a squad. Main reward: a lot of experience;
  • The Realm of Equipment is a group dungeon divided by difficulty levels. Reward: experience and equipment (available from level 25);
  • Treasure Land obtaining silver and gold bars to replenish currency reserves. The duration of being in the dungeon is limited by the activity earned per day (available from level 34);
  • Arena PvP battles against other players based on points rating;
  • Mines a group dungeon with the ability to get chests with runes, as well as experience and silver leaves (available from level 40);
  • Heavenly Tower a team challenge with battles on the floors of an infinite tower (available from level 40);
  • Cargo transportation fulfillment of merchant orders to gain experience and contribution to the guild (available from level 30).

Each activity has an execution limit, which is reset daily at 05:00 server time. Complete challenges on time! Read more about each type of gameplay in our article.

Gain experience. As you progress through the challenges, you accumulate experience, thereby increasing your account level. The higher the account level, the more game functions are available to you. Every day you can get the set maximum experience you can see it on the scale in the « Gameplay Book » section. The limit of experience gained depends on the level of the world and increases with its growth. Experience gained in excess of the set limit is converted into a reserve experience and converted into silver leaves. These restrictions do not apply to the experience gained in the main quests and in the « War with the Plants ».

Use the magic sheep (see screenshot) so you don’t lose experience for the missed game time. Take experience from the magical sheep when she accumulates it to the maximum.

How to Build Squads? The most important game challenges are played with squads of five players. This not only makes the process of passing easier, but also gives a bonus increase to experience the more players in the team, the more experience they will receive for the challenge. There are several ways to get into a squad:

  • Join an existing squad. To do this, see the list of formed squads in the « Team » section of the chat. Click « Join » to apply;
  • Become the captain of your own squad. Click the checkbox icon in the left sidebar and select Create Squad. You will be askedindicate the purpose of the squad. Click « Go » and select the challenge you are interested in. Click Dial.

Complete Wetrolov’s mission as Team Captain for additional Squad Leader Bonus Rewards.

World map and challenges. The game world includes many locations, individual settlements and even islands. To be in the right place, click on the map in the upper right corner here you will see your location in a specific location. To move globally, click the « World Map » and select the desired area. In each location there are NPCs waiting for your help in solving various problems. For completing their tests, you will receive good rewards, incl. fragments of rare pets and currency, as well as increase your prestige. Each trial has recommendations for combat strength.

It is recommended that you complete the Challenges for which you meet the Combat Strength requirements in a timely manner. Many of them will give you the items you need to level up (for example, beans).

Daily activity. By participating in challenges, you earn activity points. For reaching the required number of activities, you are entitled to rewards. The most valuable reward, for 120 activity points, gives 100 travel proofs and a sacred bell.

It’s easy to earn 120 activity points in a day. You don’t even have to go through all the daily challenges to do this. Try to get the maximum points in order to pick up the full list of awards, incl.related diamonds and activity packs with currencies to exchange.

Guardians of Cloudia: How to increase the hero’s BM?

The most important characteristics of heroes. To properly improve a character, learn the characteristics needed for his class:

Class Top priority in leveling Result
Archers, Rogues Strength Gain 5 additional Physical Attack for every 20 Strength points they have.
Swordsmen Physique Gain 200 additional HP for every 20 Physical Points they have.
Mages Intellect Gain 5 additional magic attack for every 20 intelligence they have.
Oracles Fortitude Gain 40 bonus healing for every 20 Toughness they have.

Also, for the heroes, the indicator of agility is important, which affects dodge and hit. For every 20 additional points of dexterity, an increase in attack by 7 is given.

The above rules are very important when choosing new stats when reforging equipment and cleaning runes. Try to match your heroes with the right stats to unleash their full potential.

Rank boosting. A hero has a rank, which determines his BM and overall progress in mastering the game. Each new rank adds a new characteristic to the character. To increase in rank, you must complete all objectives of the current rank,namely, to reach the required BM value and close the required activity task. After that, the « Promote » button will become available to you to level up your rank. Completing any rank goal, as well as raising it, gives you good rewards.

You receive daily rewards for your current rank! Do not forget to go to the rank menu every day (avatar in the upper left corner) and collect prizes.

A hero’s ascension. After level 40, the Hero Ascension option will open for you you will know about it by the « Ascension 0/3 » icon at the top of the main screen. Ascension unlocks a new subclass of your character and consists of three consecutive quests in which you must pass tests and get three Ascension items. When all the items are collected, click on the icon, check your progress and click the « Ascension » button. After the procedure, your hero will change his appearance, and in the « Skills » menu, new sections of the subclass will open, where key skills, class features and a unique passive skill will appear.

Ascension will give you rewards various types of beans, which will further increase certain characteristics of the hero!

Character Skills. In the « Skills » menu, you upgrade your hero’s skills by distributing points. These points can only be obtained by accumulating experience or by exchanging experience (the « Get » button). You can always reset used points and re-allocate them in a new way.Also, you can change the subclass for this purpose, use the ascension scroll (you can buy it for 300 units of activity or for diamonds).

Use the « Settings » section to customize the panel for applying skills in battle. To do this, click the skill icon and drag it to the desired location.

Guardians of Cloudia: All the ways to get pets, their processing

Call with a bell. This is the main way to get pets in the game. It is carried out for sacred bells, which can be obtained in many ways: by completing bell tasks and tasks from the tavern, exchanging points in the arena store, buying at the Black Market and receiving in the Fairy Kingdom. Sometimes sacred bells drop out as rewards for completing quests on the world map. In some events and donation offers, you can also get these items.

A single call (1 bell is spent) and a x10 call (10 bells are spent) are available to you. As a result of the call, you can drop 2-5 star pets. If you receive a pet that you already have in your possession, it will automatically convert to transfer dew. Pet drop rates:

  • 2-Star (N) 8%;
  • 3-star (R) 59% off;
  • 4-Star (SR) 27%;
  • 5-Star (SSR) 6% off.

Each time you summon, you gain summoning points. Accumulate 1000 points to summon a special 5-star pet. Whereinyou have a 5% chance to receive a Dragon Orb as a reward to summon the ultimate magical pet, the Magical Dragon.

Wishlist. Based on the recommended builds of pets, a « Wishlist » is formed. It includes three pets that form a composition for creating a combat effect (control, damage or defense). When summoning an SSR pet, you have a higher chance of getting pets from your wishlist (the overall chance of getting SSR pets remains unchanged). The wishlist opens after completing 100 calls with the bell. Only one Wind, Fire, or Earth SSR pet can be added to it.

You can change your wishlist at any time for free. The number of pets on the wishlist does not affect the chance of getting them.

Witch’s Call. Witch’s Call gives you the opportunity to get pets of a certain element. The active element is always displayed in the upper right corner of the summoning panel. The elements offered change from time to time. An early element change costs 50 bonded diamonds. To complete the Witch’s Call, you need the Crystals of the Prophet. They can be bought in the store or won by participating in the « Treasure of Starlight » event. You can only get 4 and 5-star pets here. Drop Chances:

  • 4-star pets 65%;
  • 5-Star Pet Fragments 25%;
  • 5-star pets 10% off.

A single call is available for 1 crystal of the prophet and a call x5 at which you use5 crystals.

Witch’s Call is the best way to get pets of the right element. Participate in the call to form a battle formation for the goals of your class, ideally with the creation of the recommended formation. Combine the use of Witch Summons, Wishlist Summons, and Substitutions. This will help you collect the required pets much faster.

Recycling pets. Recycle unnecessary pets, gaining pet experience back and transfer dew that you spent on pumping them. Go to the « Pet Processing » section of the summon menu. All unused pets will be listed here. Click on the pet you want to recycle to see the size of the materials obtained from it. Confirm the recycling by clicking the Back button. Be careful the reworked pet disappears forever.

Pets in a battle formation cannot be recycled. You can also block useful but unused pets from recycling. To do this, set up a closed lock on their leveling page.

Swap pets. Use Essence of the Prophet and swap 3-5-star pets with other pets of the same element. This way you will be able to form the battle formation you need. The Essence of the Prophet can only be obtained through the Witch’s Call.

If you are happy with the replaced pet, remember to click « Save » to complete the replacement. Otherwise, the action will fail.

Advanced transformation. For pets that have received 7-10 stars or more as a result of pumping, there isadvanced replacement (transformation). Similar to the usual replacement, here you can exchange a specific pet for another random pet of the same element. To transform, you will need a certain number of the same 5-star pets and a Time Orb. Upgrade materials previously spent on upgrading used pets will be returned to you. The level, transfer characteristics and emblem of the converted pet will be preserved.

9-star pets and above cannot be converted to White Crumb, Vanessa, and Monolith.

Guardians of Cloudia: Pet Leveling Guide

Pet types and stardom. Pets are classified into three main categories: wind, water and land. There are two special pets separately. All pets have an initial star rating:

  • N 2-star;
  • R 3-star;
  • SR 4 stars;
  • SSR 5 stars.

The stardom of pets can be pumped and raised. After the 6th star, stardom is reflected as large purple stars. To get new pets, participate in the summon (read more about the different types of summons in our article).

What pets are right for the hero? It is important not only to get strong pets, but also to use them correctly, focusing on the needs of your class. Keep in mind:

  • Earth Release Defense Pets;
  • Fire damage pets;
  • Wind Release Control pets.

Now you know what actions pets of different elements are responsible for, and you canput the right ones in the battle formation. For example, it is advisable for swordsmen (tanks) to use pets of the earth in order to receive additional protection. Damagers, on the other hand, need fire and wind pets to gain advantages over the enemy. Use only SSR pets and above in the formation they are the ones with the highest leveling capabilities.

Use the recommendations in the game to determine your battle formation. To do this, click the « Recommend » button in the pet builds section. Recommendations differ depending on the character class and provide several combinations focused on different aspects of combat.

Battle formation. You can have 3 pets in your main formation, which can be alternated during battles. An auxiliary formation can contain 6 pets they do not participate in battles, but give bonuses to the formation parameters. Pets included in auxiliary formations resonate with the lowest level basic pets (their level becomes the same for a while). New build slots are unlocked as you progress through the Treasure Hunt challenges.

You can always replace a pet from a combat formation, put another in its place and immediately pump it up using the materials received from the analysis of the previous pet. Thanks to this method, replacing pets does not incur additional pumping costs.

Pet leveling and breakthrough. To increase the level of the pet, the experience of the pet gained in the game tests is used.When the level of the pet reaches the required value, you will need to make a breakthrough in order to further pump it. Breakthrough increases the maximum level of the pet, the limits of its transfer and the level of talent. It is possible if two conditions are met:

  • Reaching the desired pet level;
  • Transfer any pet ability to the maximum.

Once you meet the conditions, the breakout button will become active. After making a breakthrough, you can continue pumping your pet using experience.

Make sure to level the pets of the main formation evenly! This will give you a much larger stat boost than investing in just one pet. Keep in mind that the pet bonus of the auxiliary formation is calculated based on the pet with the lowest level from the main formation. Accordingly, if one of them is not sufficiently improved, your construction will not work at full capacity!

Gallery of pets. Click the « Gallery » button to view all the pets in the game and see their characteristics. After receiving new pets, you need to activate them in the gallery. BM (rating) of the gallery is also taken into account when determining the overall BM of the hero.

To familiarize yourself with the pet’s capabilities, click on the magnifying glass icon next to it in the gallery. Next click on the skill icon. Here is a detailed description of it, as well as the effects that the skill will acquire in the process of pumping stardom. Knowing these features, choosepet will become much easier.

Pet Skins. 6-Star Pets and above can unlock skins that permanently grant special bonuses to their characteristics, regardless of whether you use the skin or not. You can get new images:

  • In special temporary events that periodically take place in the game;
  • As pet leveling up;
  • In the skin store, by exchanging pet skin fragments.

Relocation of abilities. Relocation allows you to increase the indicators of the pet’s abilities, and sometimes, on the contrary, decrease them. To transfer, use the dew obtained in the bell quests, tavern quests and in the Black Market. There is also a chance to get transfer dew in other game activities and quests on the world map. The transfer of the pet’s abilities to the maximum level is a prerequisite for a breakthrough.

Be sure to re-roll regularly to increase your pets’ critical abilities. Ideally, they should always be rolled to maximum, in accordance with the current level of the pet. So, for attacking pets, the abilities of strength and intelligence are important, and for defense pets, vitality and defense are important.

Development of pets. Use pets of the appropriate type to develop target pets. Development gives a new image, significantly increases the characteristics and skills of pets. At the same time, the level, passive skills and characteristics of the transfer remain unchanged. You can only develop an SSR pet. Initially it hasbasic form of development. Upon reaching 6 stars, the pet acquires an advanced form, and with 10 stars a mega shape. See a preview of the pet’s appearance at different stages of development by clicking « Develop » on the pet’s page, the « Development » tab.

Leveling stardom. Leveling stardom goes through the absorption of other pets. Used pets disappear, materials spent on transferring their abilities are returned to you. To find out which pets are needed to raise a target pet, click on its icon in the « Develop » tab. For 3-star pets, any other pets of their element are sufficient. Starting from 4 stars, the requirements for pumping stardom become more complicated here you will need to use an identical pet in conjunction with pets of this element.

Emblems for a pet. An emblem can add 1-2 new characteristics to a pet and give 1-3 passives. The better the emblem, the higher the stats and the better the skills. Match emblems to improve their quality and gain new pet skills. Sometimes the connection may fail. In this case, you will be refunded a certain amount of essence of the moon, spent on resetting the emblems.

Reset is an option where you can change the skills reported by the emblem. Use reset to align your pet’s skills with your hero’s main stats. For example, archer pets should have skills that increase their master’s strength and attack. How to get emblems? Battles with the snow devil. To get emblems, fight the snow devil at your guild base. To summon the devil, use the devil’s chests (given in activities, can be bought at the Trade Guild). Be careful: you will not receive any notifications about the ability to use the chest, so activate it yourself from the bag, move to the guild territory and start a battle! Collect the fragments of the purple devil chests to summon the purple snow devil, for defeating which you can get more valuable emblems.

Always help your Guildmates fight the Snow Devil. Track help notifications to get into battles quickly. You can also get emblems for helping to defeat the monster.

Guardians of Cloudia: Amplifying Equipment and How to Get It

Types of equipment. Equipment is: helmet, suit, boots, necklace, weapons and extra. weapon. The cloak and the diamond wedding ring are separate elements. The quality of the equipment is determined by its color, where: blue is the worst equipment, red is the best.

To save your gold leaves, we recommend that you collect your gear gradually. Up to the 50th account level, it is recommended to purchase only weapons and additional. weapons of red quality. After level 50, you can start collecting a full set of orange and red equipment.

Getting equipment. The main way to get equipment for free is to complete the Realm of Equipment. You are given 3 attempts to participate per day. Unitejoin a team of 5 members, go through the dungeon and get a chest with rewards, which can contain both equipment of your class and other classes (it can be profitably sold on the market). The kingdom of equipment has several locations (they open as the account level increases) and 2 types of difficulty challenge and hell. The higher the difficulty of the passage, the more chances you have of getting rare and expensive gear.

Buy an additional Realm of Equipment attempt at the Trade Guild Activity Shop.

How do I buy rare equipment from the auction? If you would like to pre-order rare equipment, go to the « Other » section of the market and select the « Show item » tab. Sort the offers for your class and reserve the items you want. Pre-ordering is a great opportunity to purchase an item before it goes free sale.

Often, pre-ordering is the only way to buy the rarest piece of equipment the hero’s cloak.

Enhancement of equipment. Due to the enhancement, the basic characteristics of the equipment increase and the rank of the enhancement target increases. Each gain level has a gradation that can be further developed. As the enhancement progresses, it becomes possible to increase the rank of the enhancement target, which significantly increases the characteristics of damage and damage reduction. To enhance equipment from 1 to 5 levels, azure crystals are used, from 5 to 10 levels purple crystals(can be bought from or obtained through the synthesis of azure crystals). Sometimes a boost can fail. In this case, you lose pumping materials.

We recommend that you strengthen all equipment evenly for faster growth of the strengthening progress and increasing the target’s rank. Remember, the higher the gain level, the more expensive it will be.

Reforging equipment. Reforging is your opportunity to change random stats of equipment for your class objectives. This option is only available for orange and red gear. For refining the stats of equipment lvl. 20-40 dark steel is used. For refining the stats of equipment lvl. 50-60 zinc is used. While reforging, keep in mind the characteristics of your class and try to get equipment with the necessary stats. Remember that the main role here is not played by an increase in BM, but by the possibility of increasing basic characteristics: strength for archers and robbers, physique for swordsmen, intelligence for magicians and fortitude for oracles. Dexterity characteristics are also important for all classes.

What to do with unnecessary equipment? Disassemble unnecessary blue and purple equipment to obtain Reforging materials. Sell ​​orange and red quality gear in the marketplace. All unused equipment is stored in the « Equipment » tab of the bag check it often in order to put up goods for sale on time, disassemble them or use them on your hero.

Sell waste zinc and dark steelin the market, receiving gold leaves for them. This is a good chance to replenish your currency reserves.

Guardians of Cloudia: Runes Guide, Leveling Up and How to Get it

Concept. The functionality of the runes is unlocked after completing the main quest to study the runes. The second page of sockets is available starting from the 59th account level. Runes are of two types: attack and defense. They are classified as blue, purple, orange and red in terms of quality. For each nest, a strictly defined rune of any quality is provided. Installation of the same runes is allowed. Runes are opened in order. To unlock the nest, two conditions must be met: reaching the required account level and pumping the rune set to the required BM.

Fill sockets with runes starting at purple quality. Blue Runes are best used for leveling up resources.

What runes does a character need? A character’s class affects the choice of his runes. To decide on the insertion of the necessary runes, open the « Gallery » section. All the runes in the game are listed here. By clicking on a specific rune of defense or attack, you can familiarize yourself with its characteristics, as well as see which classes it is suitable for. Use this tip when obtaining new rare runes. This is especially true when buying runes at a rune store.

To see the maximum stats of a rune from your set, select the one you need and click the diamond icon.

How to openseventh (center) rune nest? To unlock an additional rune nest in a rune set, you need to fulfill two conditions:

  • Have a hero’s cloak you can buy it in the market or get it in events;
  • Reinforce the cloak by level +6 and above.

When you complete these requirements, a seventh (center) slot will open in your rune set. To unlock the seventh slot on the second page of runes, a cloak of only red quality is suitable.

Development of runes. To develop a rune, click on it and press « Develop ». Development is pumping runes, increasing their basic characteristics and activating bonus stats. For development, you pay silver leaves and essence of runes (can be obtained by dismantling runes, in the Black Market and in the store). The level of development is indicated on each rune in the set. When replaced, it does not carry over to the new rune in the socket.

Always pump your runes evenly. With an increase in the level of development, the cost of pumping materials increases, so investing in only one (even the best) rune from the set is an ineffective way of strengthening.

Blessing of Development. The development of runes from the 1st to the 5th level guarantees you 100% leveling success. Beginning at 6th level, the success rate decreases. The higher the level of development, the lower the chance of further successful promotion. If an unsuccessful attempt to level up, the level of development of the rune drops. For unsuccessful developmentyou receive the Blessing. When the accumulated Blessing reaches its maximum, you are guaranteed the next successful development.

Disassembling runes. Disassemble unnecessary runes and get essences and souls of runes for them (the currency of the rune store). If you disassemble an advanced rune, you will regain all the materials spent on pumping it. Thanks to this feature, you can freely change runes, disassemble unused ones and upgrade existing ones. Also, do not forget about the accumulation of rune souls in the future you can exchange them for red runes in the rune store.

Cleanse Runes. Cleanse runes to refresh their bonus stats. Use the essence of the runes and the spirit of the runes for this purpose (you can get it during dismantling, on the Black Market and in the « Invasion of Beasts » event). Purification can increase or decrease the total value of the bonus characteristics of the rune. You decide whether to keep the new bonus stats or abandon them.

Correct pumping of the hero’s stats in accordance with his class is the key to successful development in the game. Always try to pick up the bonus stats needed for your class. The rules for cleaning runes are similar to the rules for reforging equipment. In some situations, it is much more important to preserve the new characteristics, even if it reduces the total BM of the rune.

Rune Workshop. In Lena’s workshop, you reforge rune chests and, after a set time, you receive new runes, essences andother materials. Initially, one cell is open in the workshop. As you level up the rune set, you get the opportunity to open other cells for silver leaves. The last two cells are opened only for diamonds. When the reforging ends, the inscription « Unlock » appears on the cell with the chest. Click on the chest and get its materials!

It is very important that all available slots in the workshop are always occupied by chests continuous reforging will provide you with a constant influx of new runes that can be used or disassembled to obtain essences. It is possible to speed up the reforging process for bound diamonds, but we do not recommend getting carried away with this opportunity. It is best to spend premium currency on purchases at the Trade Guild and the Black Market.

When going offline for a long time, do not forget to reforg the most valuable rune chests (mythical and gold). Their processing takes a long time, and the acceleration costs a considerable amount of bound diamonds.

Rune chests: types and obtaining. There are three types of rune chests: silver, gold and mythical. The quality of the chest affects the value of its contents and the time it takes to reforg. Your priority should be to recycle mythical and gold chests. If you do not have them in stock, do the processing of silver ones, on a leftover basis. Runic chests are obtained in a special test of the Gameplay Book in the Mines.

Passing the Mines. The Mines is a daily team challenge, not limited intime. There are 2 attempts per day, which must be used to obtain rune chests. The essence of the test is a duel with the beast Oretus. First, your team needs to defeat its armor, and then pursue the beast itself, along the way exploring the mines it forms. From each explored mine, you receive minerals that are converted into chests at the end of the challenge:

  • Blue Mineral Silver Chest;
  • Purple mineral silver chest (there is a chance to get a gold chest);
  • Yellow mineral golden chest (there is a chance to get a mythical chest).

Crafting orange and red runes in the forge. Red and orange seals can be obtained from gold and mythical chests. After collecting 15 seals, place them in the forge to craft a random rune of the corresponding color. All received seals are stored in the general functionality of the runes, as well as in the bag. When you accumulate the required number of seals, a red dot will appear on the slot with them it means that you can start making right now. In addition to chests, seals can be won at the Tower of Heaven and purchased at the Orange Shop of the Trade Guild.

Red Rune Advantage is your chance to get a Red Rune. « Red Runes Advantage » is a cycle of tasks related to pumping runes and other activities. To get to the event lobby, click « Runes » at the top of the main screen. For every donethe task you are given labels of benefits for the progress bar. After filling it out, you pick up the stage reward. There are 10 stages in total. For completing the final stage, you will receive the main prize a chest with red runes. Among them:

  • Vesemira increases magical attack;
  • Black Dragon increases physical attack;
  • Sage Panda increases HP, reduces true damage.

You are invited to choose one rune from the three offered. Thus, the possibility of obtaining an unnecessary (inappropriate to the class) runes is excluded.

In addition to the main prize, you get very good rewards for each stage of the event you complete (gold and mythical chests with runes, essence of runes, spirit of runes and orange seals). Red Runes Advantage is a temporary event. Participate in time to claim all prizes.

Guardians of Cloudia: Earnings in the market, how to increase your income?

Marketplace. Marketplace is a marketplace between players where you can sell various items and earn income in the form of golden leaves. Thanks to sales, you replenish your currency reserves and get the opportunity to use the proceeds to buy new equipment, pumping materials, accessories, etc. Let’s talk about what you can sell on the market.

Equipment materials. First of all, these are dark steel, zinc, copper and spar. These materials can be obtained by dismantling equipment of various levels and quality.Keep in mind that with the development of the server, the demand for materials of the first levels will inevitably fall, and in the future it will completely become zero. To ensure a stable income through the sale of materials, you need to complete tests on the current floors of the Equipment Realm and receive purple quality equipment as a reward. By parsing it, you will be able to put the goods customers need on the market. Just do not forget about your own pumping sometimes it is better to use the resources yourself, so as not to spend currency on them in the future.

Equipment. All equipment on the market is divided into 6 categories. Here you can both sell and buy the product you are interested in. At the same time, you can only sell equipment of orange quality and above. Typically, these are the deals that generate the highest gold leaf returns.

Potions and cooking. By pumping your life skills (« Skills » menu), you spend your vigor on making potions and dishes of various levels. Potions are a material for replenishing HP, and dishes are able to increase the physical and magical protection of the character. Also, dishes are used when performing bell tasks and when transporting goods. Potions and dishes (especially high-level ones) are in demand on the market. If you can keep your Cooking and Potions level at the level of the server’s needs, you will secure yourself an inexhaustible source of gold leaf replenishment.

Other. This includes rarematerials that can be obtained in temporary events, received when finding a treasure, taken as a gift for the server level, etc. Obtaining such items is always an accident, but if you come across them, and you decide to sell them, and not use them, you will definitely get a high income.

How to sell items? Go to the Marketplace and open the Sell section. On the left side of your screen, you will see all the products that can be exhibited in the Market. There are shelves on the right side. By default, you have 10 shelves available. Unlocking additional shelves is carried out for gold leaves. Select the items you want and place them on the shelves. When they are sold, the words « Can be removed » will appear on the shelf. Click on it and take the proceeds. When an item is sold, 8% of the transaction is charged on its price as tax. If the item is not sold within 24 hours after the listing, it will be removed from sale. If an item has been on sale for more than 60 minutes, you can touch it and withdraw it from sale.

Guardians of Cloudia: Shopping strategy, how to spend currency correctly?

Trade Guild. Your main in-game store is the Trade Guild. This is where you will spend most of your currencies. An important reminder: don’t wait when you need a particular item. Shop every day to restock on timenecessary resources and continue pumping. Remember that any product has a purchase limit that does not accumulate and is reset daily. You need to make full use of trade offers to ensure continuous replenishment of the items you are looking for. Below, we have analyzed the goods in each section of the Trade Guild and selected the most useful ones for successfully mastering the game.

You can get to the sections of the Trade Guild from the activities, the currency of which is used in the exchange.

Section « Credit ». In this section we have 4 stores. Consider the offers that are required and recommended for daily purchase:

  • Arena store. Currency arena points earned by victories in the arena. Important purchases: azure crystals and purple crystals for pumping equipment. Recommended Purchases: Sacred Bells to summon new pets;
  • Activity Store. Currency Activity earned for completing challenges from the Gameplay Book. Important purchases: a pass to capture the ocean (gives additional rewards in the Equipment Kingdom), arena tickets (give additional attempts in the arena, with which you can get more arena points), a devil’s chest (needed to complete guild activities to summon a snow devil) … Recommended Purchase: Magic Sheep for XP Tap.
  • Shop of Kindness. The currency is kindness, obtained for helping other players. Important purchases: Pet leveling skill pills. Recommended Purchase: Sacred Bells.
  • Honor Shop. Currency is the proof of honor earned in the league. Importantpurchases: a box of honor (you can get a fragment of a purple devil’s chest, a mysterious chest and diamonds), « Braveheart » wings (give an increase to the hero’s stats).

Your top priority in shopping is materials for leveling up your hero and getting new pets. Buy them to increase your BM and take part in challenges with the best rewards.

Deal section. This is where you make purchases with linked diamonds. The highlight of this store is the Buff Pack with 25 Azure Crystals to enhance your gear. Purchase limit: 2 pcs. The package is available every 48 hours.

Amplification Pack is the best deal for Azure Crystals! Don’t miss out on store updates and always buy new lots of this product.

Section « Guild ». In the guild store you buy goods for the amount of guild contribution. Important purchases:

  • Azure and purple crystals for pumping equipment;
  • Books of secret knowledge for pumping guild skills;
  • Crystal of the Prophet for pet summoning in Witch’s Call.

Section « Runes ». Currency is the soul of the runes, obtained by dismantling the runes. In this store, you can buy red and orange runes, both specific and random. The cost of the runes is quite high, so we recommend focusing on the needs of your set and collecting the runes that you need in the first place.

Orange section. Currency Orange receivedin the daily pack and when completing challenges from the Gameplay Book. The best deals in this section are 5-Star Pet Fragments. As a rule, they are difficult to get in the call, so this store is a good opportunity to collect rare pets.

What to buy on the Black Market? Similar to the Trade Guild, invest in azure crystals and sacred bells. Remember that the first update of the Black Market assortment is free, the subsequent ones are for linked diamonds. You shouldn’t get carried away with excessive updating of Black Market goods there are more profitable ways to spend currency. As for the purchase of materials for pumping pets, we advise you to buy them as needed and with tracking the price of the offer it is best to purchase these goods at a discount.

Guardians of Cloudia: Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Concept. Treasure hunt is a very important game activity, on which the pumping of the combat formation of your pets and the possibility of obtaining new tasks in the tavern depend. Increase your progress in exploring new territories, fight bosses and increase the efficiency of collecting rewards in offline mode. There is no limit on the challenges for the Treasure Hunt.

It is recommended that you participate in the Treasure Hunt last, before leaving the game when your daily leveling has reached its current maximum. Also try to complete as many new stages as possible to get more rewards offline.

Offline research. YourPets continue to collect rewards from completed Treasure Hunt stages, even when you are not in the game or busy in other activities. To get your rewards, go to the Treasure Hunt lobby and click on the red chest on the left page. Use the free quick research to get instant income from stages in 2 hours. With each completed stage of the Treasure Hunt, the speed of collecting offline rewards increases.

Only collect offline research rewards when the halo mushroom storage is not full! Otherwise, you risk losing an important resource for completing tasks in the tavern.

Conducting battles, rewards. The gameplay of the Treasure Hunt consists in passing stages on the general map. Each stage is a boss fight. When you win, you gain experience, halo mushrooms, and pet experience. Sometimes you get rarer rewards like SSR-grade Pet Fragments and Sacred Bells. Moreover, at certain stages of activity, you will unlock new slots for building your pets! So, the third cell of the main formation opens after passing stage 18 of the Jade Forest, and new cells of the additional formation will be unlocked when passing the Death Gulch.

Your task is to close stage 18 of the Jade Forest as quickly as possible to form a basic battle pet formation using all three slots. This will provide you with a significant increase inHero’s BM.

Guardians of Cloudia: Tavern Quests

The Tavern is your source for free leveling resources and even related diamonds. Send the necessary pets to the missions, and after a specified time, get your rewards. The quests of the tavern vary in quality, which determines the size and prestige of the final awards.

Conditions for completing tasks. To accept a task in the tavern, you must pay 2600 units. halo mushrooms. The main source of obtaining them is completing the stages of the Treasure Hunt and collecting offline rewards. If you regularly take part in this activity, you will have no problem paying for tasks. Another prerequisite is the availability of the necessary pets. For each task, you need pets of certain elements and stardom. To see the requirements, click on a specific task and check the icons under the pet icons. Click « Quick Select » to automatically select the desired pets, and then « Start » to begin the task.

To successfully complete the quest in the tavern, you must have a collection of pets of different elements. Take your time to disassemble 3-star pets. Very often they are specified in the requirements for accepting new assignments.

Job quality and list update. The quality of the assignments ranges from blue to orange. You can always update the list of available quests using Spirit Scrolls or Linked Diamonds. When on the board1 unaccepted task remains, you will have the opportunity to update it for free, which does not affect the tasks currently being performed.

Use Linked Diamonds to complete an Accepted Quest early. It is recommended to spend them only when you need to get the assigned reward as soon as possible (for example, when there are not enough azure crystals to complete the pumping of equipment). In all other cases, it is recommended to spend premium currency sparingly and wait for the allotted deadline without resorting to speeding up.

What quests should you accept? The tavern should be your source of free resources. Despite the classification by quality, we do not recommend focusing only on it when choosing tasks. You should evaluate the rewards for completing them and accept only those tasks for which you will receive the most needed items. So, most often players prefer to complete tasks for which they receive azure crystals for pumping equipment. Another popular reward is sacred bells and associated diamonds.

Before leaving the game, be sure to accept new tasks in the tavern for the full amount of halo mushrooms available. Thanks to this, you will receive a good batch of rewards the next time you log into the game.

Guardians of Cloudia: Sky Tower Walkthrough, Sky Loot

Heavenly Tower. The Heavenly Tower is a team challenge where you have to clear the floors of enemies. As a reward for passing, you receive runes, inincluding seals of red and orange runes. The value of the rewards depends on the floors of the tower passed. The Heavenly Tower is a temporary activity, open from 12.30 to 24.00 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Don’t miss out on participation. Unlocking new floors of the Sky Tower depends on the server level and the player’s account level. The number of attempts to pass is determined by the open floors in this case, the attempt is counted only if the battle is won.

For a comfortable passage through the Sky Tower, it is recommended to select a team of players whose BM corresponds to the average value on the server. If you have weak players on your team, it will be difficult for you to reach the top floor.

Celestial Loot Event. Celestial Loot is unlocked after a character reaches level 43. Each round of the event lasts 40 days. Your task is to collect heavenly medals for victories on the floors of the Sky Tower. The more medals you get, the more rewards you can unlock in the « Events » « Loot » « Heavenly Tower » menu. After each release of loot, its level increases by 1 (up to the 4th level). The higher the loot level, the better the rewards. At the end of the event, the unreceived rewards are sent to the player’s mail.

Unlock the Advanced Celestial Loot Pass to claim increased Celestial Medal Collection rewards. Buying a pass is one of the most profitable types of donation. Players who bought a pass but did not collect enough Heavenly Medals can buy themfor linked diamonds 4 days before the calculation of the results of the event. This will allow them to earn rewards for the next level.

Guardians of Cloudia: Secrets of Arena Battles

Arena PvP mode where you fight other players, move up the rating depending on the number of victories and defeats, and get the corresponding rewards.

Conducting battles, points system. Go to the activity lobby and select a suitable opponent from the three proposed. If you wish, you can update the list the update is free, but available once every 60 seconds. Click « Test » to accept the battle. You can fight in both manual and auto mode, while auto mode must be activated do not forget to do it on time! After your victory, a chest with experience and arena points appears in the place of the losing opponent. Sometimes you get other prizes, for example, champion chips (needed for betting in the League).

Choose opponents with lower BM and higher in the rating system for battles. This is the most efficient way to get a high arena spot. Do not try to fight with players that are significantly ahead of you in terms of combat power in such cases, the risk of defeat is very high.

Attempted battles. Arena tickets are required for arena battles. You are given 5 free tickets per day. 3 more tickets you canbuy in the activity store. Be careful the arena ticket will be spent even if you are defeated!

Use all the possibilities and fight in the arena as many times as possible daily to get arena points and exchange them in the store for valuable leveling items.

Journal. Click the « Journal » button and see the current statistics of your battles. Here are the victorious and lost matches, the nicknames of the opponents and the data on the rise (or fall) in the rating. If you wish, you can take revenge on the player who defeated you, but for this you will need an arena ticket. We do not advise engaging in revenge, since there is so great a chance of facing a very strong player in an unequal duel and losing the attempt at battle. It is best to focus on the current selection of opponents and move up the rankings in accordance with our recommendations.

To view a summary of your arena battles for the entire time in the game, click the « Reward » button. Also here you can see the table of arena points distribution depending on the place in the rating.

How to get to the top 10 of the arena? It’s actually quite simple. The main thing is your daily activity and systematic character leveling. If you wish, you can overtake donators and take a place in the TOP-10 arena fighters, receiving the best rewards and collecting the most arena points. You need:

  1. Collect maximum arena tickets (5 daily and 3 from the activity store);
  2. Wait until 10 minutes are left before the daily distribution of rewards in the arena you can track this time in the arena lobby;
  3. In the specified 10-minute interval, pick up opponents and conduct winning battles with them.

In this way, you can easily take high places in the arena. Your advantage will be that 10 minutes before the end of the distribution of rewards, other players will not have time to take revenge on you and drop you down in the ranking. During the next in-game day, your rating will decrease, but by repeating the above tactics, you will be able to return it without any problems and receive the maximum rewards for battles in the arena.

Guardians of Cloudia: Guild Joining, Development & Events

Creation of a guild. Starting from the 30th account level, you have access to the functions of the guild. From now on you can join the server game communities or create your own. Remember that guild leadership is not only a status, but also a responsibility, first of all, to maintain activity and order among other members. Also, from the chapter, as a rule, high game success and stable online are required. If you meet the specified requirements, click « Create » in the general list of guilds, indicate the necessary data (name, motto, community type) and enter the specifiedthe amount of related diamonds. Your guild is now active and ready to welcome players!

Joining a guild. To find a suitable guild, we advise you to refer to the server rating. Choose for yourself a guild that is in the TOP-3 in BM players. It is in such communities that the most active and talented people gather, with whom it will be not only interesting to play and comprehend new heights, but also to learn the intricacies of the gameplay. Carefully read the guild’s motto almost all top communities are closed, and have requirements for BM and the activity of participants. We also recommend joining a guild whose members speak the same language as you. So you can take part in joint discussions in chat, discord and other social networks. In addition, understanding what is happening is very important in guild group events.

To decide in advance about joining the desired guild, contact its head through the « Contact Leader » button and find out all the details required to apply. If your BM does not meet the specified criteria, ask the leader for help in solving this problem, make it clear that you are an energetic player who wants to develop. Remember that in many cases it is not BM that decides, but the activity of the guildmates, their desire to play and help others.

Popularity of the guild. During the completion of daily challenges, players receive honor points, which are donated to the guild. Glasseshonor increases the popularity of the guild and is the most important factor in its existence. Popularity resets daily at midnight. When guild popularity falls below 900, the guild leader may decide to join another guild. When popularity falls below 500, a guild will automatically join another guild within 2 days.

Collecting honor badges for your guild is another important reason to log into the game every day and not miss out on the daily gameplay.

Main functionality. The guild menu is:

  • Information about guild leaders « Guild Positions » button in the « Member » section.
  • Requirements for members, ways of contacting players outside the game « Guild slogan » tab in the « Member » section. In addition to the motto itself, links to the guild server in LINE, Discord and the group in WhatsApp can also be registered here.
  • Guild Log « Manage » section. Here you can see the number of participants, the amount of guild funds, the popularity and progress of the construction of guild facilities. You also have access to the guild log with information about new and outgoing members.
  • Guild Benefits « Bonuses » section. From here you can go to the store, get dividends, red packages, upgrade guild skills, etc.
  • Guild Activities « Events » section. Here is a complete list of all guild events.

Carefully study the guild’s functionality, especially the information from the Bonuses and »Events », so as not to miss the receipt of guild benefits and to take part in most activities. We recommend that you create your own schedule of events, create reminders on your phone so that you know when you need to be online. Don’t let your guildmates down!

Development of the guild, construction of objects. Funds received in guild activities are used to develop guild objects:

  • Hall. The main building, the maximum pumping limit for other objects depends on its level;
  • Room. Determines the maximum number of guild members;
  • Guild shop. With leveling up, the range of goods in the store expands;
  • Storage. A building where guild funds are kept. Its capacity is also determined by the level.

Participate in the Guild Realm and Lord of the Abyss events to develop your guild facilities and take full advantage of the Guild Shop.

Guild Dividends. Receive dividends (Silver Leaves) by participating in Guild Events. The more you participate, the more currency you will get. Dividends for the past week can be collected next Monday after 05.00. Don’t miss the collection. To do this, go to the « Bonuses » section and click the « Dividends » button.

Dividends earned in a day will only be received by players who have taken part in that day’s guild events. Only those who participated in at least one guild event per week receive Saturday dividends.

Learn guild skills. Improve your guild skills by spending Arcane Books and Silver Leaves. So youyou can additionally strengthen the character. The higher the level of your account, the more guild skills you unlock. Books of arcane knowledge are purchased at the guild store. They can also be obtained in the « Lord of the Abyss » and « Guild Realm » events. Guild skills are divided into 3 sections:

  • Basic increase general characteristics and PvP skill;
  • Class resistance skills pumping resistance to damage received from different classes;
  • Class Counteraction Skills pumping increased damage done to different classes.

Depending on your character class, you will see certain skill slots in the Guild Skills menu. For example, for archers, the main skill of the guild will be strength it is with it that you should start pumping.

We advise you to pump all the skills of the guild in order. Remember that as the skill level increases, the cost of pumping increases, so investing all the money in just one skill is costly and ineffective.

Red guild packages. When your guildmates achieve new successes in leveling and passing trials, red packages with silver leaves are sent to the guild. Any guild member can pick up rewards from packages, but be careful only the first 20 lucky ones will receive gifts.

Watch for the red packages icon on the main screen (above the chat). Don’t miss out on your awards!

Guild Contribution. Exchange Silver Leaves for Guild Contribution, a currency requiredfor shopping at the guild store. There are 3 exchange options available:

  • 250k Silver Leaves give 100 contribution;
  • 500k Silver Leaves give 200 contribution;
  • 1m of Silver Leaves gives 400 contributions.

If there is a shortage of Silver Leaves, you will be prompted to exchange your contribution for Gold Leaves. We do not recommend making this trade, as golden leaves are the currency of the market where you should buy the best gear for your hero. Earn a contribution by exchanging Silver Leaves this way you can acquire more books of secret knowledge for pumping your guild skills!

Guild Events. There are currently 4 permanent guild events and a guild war available in the game. These include:

  • Guild Bandits (daily, 12.00 and 18.00 server time) protecting the guild from bandits. Gather in squads and destroy the invaders! For participating in battles, a contribution, silver leaves and experience are given.
  • Lord of the Abyss (Saturday, 20.30) a test of the guild members, where you have to fight a powerful boss. In this event, you have a chance to get the hero’s golden cloak!
  • Campfire feast (daily at 19.30). In another way, the event is called « Guild Banquet ». Come to the guild territory at the appointed time, compete in cooking, taste food and get rewards guild contribution, leaves and experience.
  • Guild Realm (Friday, 08.30 to 20.30) groupChallenge with a chance to get a Hero’s Cloak, Pet Supplies and Contribution.

Guild War. The top 16 guilds with the largest overall guild BM participate in the Inter-Server Guild War. The rest of the guilds participate in the guild war of their server. Based on the general BM, guilds are assigned to different military zones. Then a rival is selected for the guilds, and they fight with each other. When the results of the season are announced, guilds with a high rating move to a war zone of a higher tier, and guilds with a low rating move to a war zone of a lower tier. New rivals will be waiting for them next season.

At the end of the season, guild members receive seasonal rewards based on the guild’s rating in the war zone. A new season of guild war begins every 2 weeks. Players with approximately equal BM are selected for the first match of the season. Guilds with approximately equal Season Points are matched for the rest of the matches. Titles and Seasonal Rewards are awarded based on the End of Season Point Rankings.

Cargo transportation. Cargo Transportation is a separate event within the guild that gives 15 daily activity points and a guild contribution. Its essence is to fulfill the orders of the guild merchant. To take part in the transportation, go to the Gameplay Book, select « Cargo Transportation » and click « Go ». The teleport will take you to the base, whereyou will meet with the merchant and learn about today’s luck it affects the final reward. Accept the order and fill the boxes with the required items. Each downloaded item will give you a prize.

You can also ask your guildmates for help. In this case, some of the cargo will be delivered by other players, so you will not receive rewards for these deliveries. Keep in mind a request for help is available only after you have completed four or more boxes yourself. When all the order boxes are filled with the desired items, click « Submit » and receive your payment.

Guardians of Cloudia: Wedding Ceremony

Do I need to get married? Wedding is an optional but useful gameplay element. Through marriage, you can get good gifts and purchase an additional piece of equipment a diamond ring, which gives an increase to BM, an increase in HP and% HP. The game supports both gay and gay marriage. The functionality opens upon reaching the 40th account level. Wedding rewards: wedding candies (give +3 luck and + 10% potion effect), ancient treasure cards, silver and gold leaves.

Building intimacy. To get married, you and your partner must be friends with each other. At the same time, your closeness with him should reach 500. You can accumulate closeness by jointly participating in the tests of daily activity. If you want to achieve the coveted indicatorproximity quickly, purchase items on the market:

  • For heterosexual couples: bouquets of roses give 50 intimacy for 1 piece;
  • Same-sex couples: Orchids give 50 intimacy per piece.

Crafting a diamond ring. The second prerequisite for a wedding is a diamond engagement ring. You can only get it through crafting. First you need to buy silver wedding rings from the market. Then proceed according to the scheme:

  • Four silver wedding rings combine into one gold wedding ring;
  • Four gold wedding rings combine into one diamond wedding ring.

To craft, click on the ring in the bag and click « Crafting ». This will open the crafting menu. If all the required materials are available in sufficient quantity, they will be automatically placed in the slots. Press the « Connect » button and get the item. Ultimately, you should end up with a diamond engagement ring a symbol of eternal love.

In addition to the wedding attribute, the ring is a piece of equipment that increases BM and HP. To upgrade the ring and increase its bonus stats, strengthen it with other diamond rings.

How to propose? If you meet the above requirements, you and your partner can proceed to the first step of the ceremony the wedding proposal. To do this, unite in a squad of two people. The Squad Leader must select a Romantic Wedding in the Gameplay Book. Afterthis will take you to NPC Angela. Click « Propose » to present the diamond ring to your partner. If you wish, you can supplement it with a text message. When your spouse accepts the offer, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen. After that, you can start preparing for the wedding.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, agree with your partner to jointly enter the game. This will allow you to quickly and hassle-free when accepting an offer.

Wedding invitations. Walk up to Angela and click « Host a wedding » to start preparing for the holiday. Be careful the ceremony costs 300k gold leaves, stock up on currency in advance! After payment of funds, arrange for the mailing of wedding invitations. You can send them to specific players, as well as to guild and world chats. Anyone can join the celebration just click on the invitation and move to the ceremony area.

Please note: wedding guests are limited! If you want your friends and guildmates to attend the wedding, discuss the time of the ceremony with them in advance. The number of your guests will determine the degree of romance of the wedding and the resulting gifts for the newlyweds.

Enhancing the romance of the wedding. During the preparatory ceremony, guests send gifts to the newlyweds that enhance the romance of the wedding. Gifts come in the form of roses, hearts, fireworks, bouquets and colorful inscriptions. Most expensivegifts are bought for bound diamonds, and the cheapest are bought for silver leaves. At the end of the wedding, the couple receives awards, the value of which depends on the degree of romance achieved. If you are a guest at a wedding, do not skimp on generous gifts for the newlyweds.

Wedding ceremony. After the gifts are given, it is time for the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom go to the altar, take oaths of allegiance and kiss. At the end of the ceremony, competitions are held for guests: they can pick up chests of bliss and taste the cakes from the wedding table, having received awards.

A wedding is an interesting mass event for friends and guildmates. Have fun and earn good rewards.

Divorce. If the relationship between the spouses does not work out, they can divorce. Divorce is done through NPC Angela. When divorced, all obtained characteristics of a diamond wedding ring are reset. Choose your soul mate wisely!

Guardians of Cloudia: Timing Events Overview

Concept. The events in question are constantly taking place in the game, but are limited in time. Be careful there are generous rewards for participating in temporary events, so we recommend that you schedule them and always attend whenever possible.

Click on the Calendar in the Gameplay Book to view the schedule of events for each day of the week with the time of the event (given server time).

Chicken Race. Held daily at 12.25 server time. Use ticketssupport chickens and place bets on them. If your chicken wins, you will receive golden leaves. The amount of the given out reward is influenced by the aggregate of rates of all participants of the event. The more bets are placed on a chicken, the higher the payout for its victory will be. Bets can be placed before the start of the competition. To do this, click « Follow and Support » in the event lobby. The support inspires the chicken and allows it to run faster while getting in the way of other chickens.

Rewards for participation in the event are sent by mail check your inbox in time!

League. Held at 20.30 (Tuesday and Thursday) and 21.30 (Saturday) server time. The league starts with battle royale matches, in which teams of 5-9 players take part. Defeat opponents and reach the highest point rating to proceed to the elimination game. The elimination game is a 1v1 battle.

The winners of the 1v1 matches go to the upper bracket of the event, and the losers to the lower bracket. The top 28 players from the Upper Bracket and the top 4 players from the Lower Bracket are among the 32 best fighters to fight for the Champion title. The rest of the participants can observe the competition and predict the results of the final. The winners of the final will receive a reward a proof of honor (can be exchanged for rare items in the honor store).

Competitionerudite (Quiz). Held from Monday to Saturday, 17.00 to 20.00. During the event, you need to answer the quiz questions. A total of 10 questions are given, for the correct answers you get experience. Common rewards for participating in the quiz are sacred bells, purple crystals, many golden leaves, and a treasure map. The quiz questions can be about both real-world knowledge and the world of Guardians of Cloudia. In this regard, we recommend that you delve into the dialogues with NPCs in advance, memorize their names and occupation it is quite possible that this information will be useful to you.

If you don’t know the answer to a quiz question, ask your guildmates for a hint.

Beast Invasion. Within half an hour after 09:00, beasts fill the Green Mill, Nimbus Coast and other places. Fight with them and get worthy rewards, among which there are cloaks of demon hunters, cloaks of heroes, berserk emblems, transfer dew, etc. 3 battle attempts are available per day. For each, 5 activity points are given.

You can set any difficulty for passing the event. When fighting beasts on a lower difficulty level, attempts to obtain a reward are not deducted.

Bestial Rampage. Every day at 11.00, 15.00 and 22.30 animals fill the locations and are eager to fight with Gloria’s fighters. Gather in teams and fight with them to getBerserker emblems, SR pet fragments, Starlight coins and other rewards. Beasts have stardom, which determines their complexity and the size of the awards given out for victory. 1 attempt to participate is given per day (gives 10 activity points).

War with the Plants. An event similar to the invasion of animals. At the 15th and 45th minutes of every hour, from 09.00 every day, evil demonic plants appear in the fields. Defeat them in a team of 3 or more players to earn rewards: Pet XP, Silver Leaves, and Starlight Coins. Also in this event there is a chance to get gold equipment. Participation up to 5 times a day. For each battle, 2 activity points are given.

Guardians of Cloudia: Donator’s Guide, Excellent Steed

In order for our readers to be able to profitably invest their money, get the maximum result and save on in-game purchases, we have analyzed Guardians of Cloudia’s donation offers and selected the best ones among them.

First Deposit. The First Deposit Promotion offers generous gifts for any first donation in the game. In other words, you can buy the cheapest set of diamonds for one dollar, receiving rewards from it, which you will collect for three days in a row! Among them: a random SSR pet, an element of red gear of your class of level 36, a pass for receiving rare prizes for a 7-day entry, a box of benefits withpumping resources and other equally valuable rewards.

For the first replenishment, you will receive a large package for pumping pets, as well as an exclusive outfit for your class. This promotion guarantees you a successful start from the first hours of the game!

Monthly cards. By purchasing a monthly card, you will receive diamonds for free every day, ensuring yourself a constant increase in the premium currency required for purchases in in-game stores. There are two types of cards:

  • Regular monthly card. Gives 300 diamonds upon purchase and 80 diamonds daily for a month. Total: 2700 diamonds.
  • Diamond Blessing Monthly Card . Provides 680 diamonds upon purchase and 120 diamonds daily for a month. Total: 4280 diamonds.

Battle Passes. Purchasing Battle Passes gives you the opportunity to collect more prizes for progressing the Sky Loot event and accumulating activity. Among the rewards: items for summoning pets, rune chests (gold and mythical) and spirit of the runes. So, thanks to the advanced Heavenly Loot skip, you can significantly enhance your rune set and even get rare runes. Skipping the activity grants many Holy Bells and Prophet Crystals for additional pet summoning attempts. To buy passes, click the « Events » button on the main screen and go to the « Loot » section.

When you purchase the Advanced Heavenly Loot Pass, you get a one-time Mythic Rune Chest and 2000 Rune Essences. When buying a passactivities 3 sacred bells and 2 crystals of the prophet.

Superior Steed Pack. Superior Steed is one of the launch packs containing 20 Sacred Bells, 40 Purple Crystals, and the Epic Spirit Griffin. Can be purchased for donation or received in the event (follow the developers’ announcements). Upon receiving the Griffin, you will be able to activate the « Divine Griffin » appearance after unlocking the system of spirimons (at the 72nd account level). To purchase a package, go to the « Events » menu and select the « Discount package » section. Purchase of the « Excellent Horse » package is carried out with a 40% discount.

What is not worth spending your money on? First of all, we do not recommend buying sets of diamonds despite the gifts for their purchase, it is considered a costly and unprofitable purchase. It is best to buy diamonds in isolated cases, for example, to activate bonuses for the first replenishment promotion or to exchange them in the store for a rare item. Also assess the need to purchase daily benefits packages you can get their contents in the regular in-game store (with the exception of oranges if you save them, then the daily benefit packages will help you with this).

Guardians of Cloudia: Conclusion, Pros and Cons of the Game

Guardians of Cloudia has already become one of the favorite games among many fans of this genre. Here you will find interesting heroes, an original world with its own secrets andintrigues, many dungeons with enemies, wonderful pets and a pumping system designed for game activity. The game is addictive and captivating, gives you the opportunity to take part in colorful battles, create a customized character with a preferred appearance, join a guild and find new friends. Pros of the game:

  • Fast loading of locations on the world map, lasting 1-2 seconds;
  • Ability to choose an auto battle to complete challenges without the risk of losing;
  • Strengthening the character and collecting the necessary pumping resources depends on the activity in the game, and not on the donation. Following the advice of the Wise Geek, you can easily become a TOP player of your server;
  • The system for returning resources spent on pumping a replaced element (runes, pets, equipment). Your materials do not disappear, they are constantly in use;
  • Interesting event system, constant promotions and contests;
  • System for returning lost experience;
  • Nice graphics, beautiful and stylish characters.

Cons of the game:

  • The game requires a lot of free time to complete all tests and quests;
  • A stable internet connection is very important, especially when completing group activities otherwise, you will constantly fly out of the game;
  • Uniformity of daily required activities for the extraction of resources and experience;
  • Fast battery drain while playing.

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