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What are the promotions of the week in GTA 5 Online? Find the Twitch Prime bonuses, discounts and perks for September 23 here. Despite nearly six years of existence, GTA 5 is far from having said its last word. The game benefits from regular updates from Rockstar Games. Even though major content additions only take place a few times a year, each week the US publisher offers players the opportunity to take advantage of special promotions, bonuses and benefits, especially for Twitch Prime players. September 23, 2021 in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Mode.

The Nagasaki Outlaw is the vehicle for the casino podium in GTA 5 Online

Quad fans will be delighted this week as the Outlaw is honored on the podium at the Los Santos casino, but no worries for the less fortunate players, every try at the wheel of fortune pays off. rewards like GTA $, RP and cosmetic items.The Nagasaki Outlaw is the new vehicle of the week on the Diamond Casino podium (image credits: GTA Fandom)

The Karin Previon is the winning car at the LS auto show in GTA 5 Online

Since the Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a free vehicle by completing a given challenge each week. This week, if you finish in the top 5 of a race in the various events at the LS auto show for 4 days in a row, you will be able to get the Karin Previon. The Karin Previon is the new vehicle to be won at the LS show. ‘auto from LS. (image credits: GTA Fandom)

Weekly promotions for GTA 5 Online

Find below the list of items benefiting from a price reduction for the next few days.

Bonus of the week in GTA 5 Online

During this week players will be able to enjoy various in-game bonuses on the following missions and activities in GTA 5 Online Mode (click on the names to find out how to participate). Triple rewards for rivalry mode Back to main focus Double rewards for cocaine and methamphetamine production sites Double reputation on chase races

Prime Gaming and PlayStation advantages on GTA 5 Online

By logging into GTA 5 Online this week players who have linked their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts will receive 100,000 GTA $, paid directly to the Maze Bank account within 72 hours. Prime players will also be able to take advantage of the promotions below. 65% reduction on Casco 35% reduction on RT3000 Players who have linked their Rockstar Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts will of course be able to benefit from the additional 10% reduction on the promotions listed above. they benefit from 1,000,000 GTA $ offered by logging in every month until the release of GTA 5 on PS5. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to the GTA 5 remaster on PlayStation 5.
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