Grelerets in New World, location and where to find them?

Find out in this guide where to find hailstones, an important cooking and occult arts fungus in New World. Here are its locations! In New World, Amazon’s new MMO, resources and the crafting of items and consumables take center stage in gameplay and progression. It is essential to collect resources and craft items to progress. Among the harvestable resources in the game, obtaining ingredients for cooking and the occult arts, such as fungi, is essential to advance. We explain where to get hailstones in New World!

How do I get hailstones in New World?

To find out where the hailstones are in New World, we recommend that you go to the New World interactive map, developed by fans of the game. >> Find hailstones on the New World interactive map New World (credits: newworld-map) Once you are on the site, we recommend that you start by changing the language, at the top right of the screen. You will thus have access to all the resources in French! To find the location of the hailstones, follow the steps below: Start by clicking on “Hide all” Then choose “Plants” Then “Fungi” And “Hails” It is also possible to search directly for Hailstones in the search bar of the site, under “Filters” All the hailbles available in New World will then be displayed, and all you have to do is find them in the game thanks to these locations! The map will certainly be updated regularly when the game is officially released, starting September 28, 2021.

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