Genshin Impact Yelan Farming Guide

Image via HoYoverse Geshin Impact is a game where you can choose from a bigger roster of characters to play as you wish. Yelan is a five-star Hydro Arc user who can serve as both a DPS and a support unit. If you want to get the most out of Yelan, you’ll need to farm.

Yelan Ascent Cost

Here are the items you need to level Yelan up to level 90.

Yelan Talent Cost

Here’s what you need to fully upgrade Yelan’s talents. You can get Taishan Mansion Prosperity Scrolls on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Crown of Insights are a little harder to find as they are only given out from events or the Sacred Sakura Tree. Crown of Insight is a rare item, so choose who you use it on up close.

Where to find Golden Scales

Golden Scales are drops from the weekly boss Azhdaha which is unlocked from Zhongli’s second story quest. Azhdaha is pretty easy to farm, especially if you have a shield character and it can be run in co-op. For more on Genshin Impact, look at Yelan Genshin Impact’s Best Build: Weapons, Artifacts, and More! on our guides!

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