Genshin Impact moon finder, how to participate in the event?  –

In Genshin Impact, it is possible to participate in a new activity called “Moon Seeker” and we will explain how to access it. As of Monday, September 27, Genshin Impact players can participate in a new event, Moonlight Liesse which will have different activities in order to obtain rewards. Among the available activities, there is one named “Moon Seeker” which will ask you to go hunting for chests and Selenite amulets in specific areas of the game.

How do I unlock the “Moon Seeker” activity in Genshin Impact?

To be able to access the “Moon Seeker” activity, you must first have unlocked the “Moonlight Liesse” event. To do this, you must have an adventure level greater than or equal to 28 and have completed the following quests: Quest for Archons Chapter 1 – Act 3 “A star approaching” Story quest “Truela – Act 1: Gastronomic journey in Mondstadt ”You will then obtain two quests to complete which are:“ Liesse au clair de lune – 1 ”and“ Preparation of the Festival of disillusionment ”. Once you have completed them, you will need to go talk to Linyang at Liyue Harbor so that she can show you the location of the Lunar Seeker chests and Selenite amulets. If you’d like to know the location of the amulets for each of the lanes, you can look at our post on the topic below, so while you wait until you can get your hands on all of the Moon Seeker rewards, please remember that the “Liesse au clair de lune” event is available from September 27 at 11 am to October 10 at 4:59 am. You want more articles on Genshin Impact? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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