Genshin Impact Hidden Strife Event Guide

Genshin Impact’s Hidden Strife event runs from July 27, 2022 to August 15, 2022. It introduces players to Diluc’s past and involves seven battle challenges to help the Darknight get rid of the remnants of the Abyss Order caused by a Irregular ley in the Côte du Faucon.

How to Unlock Genshin Impact’s Hidden Strife Event

To unlock the Hidden Strife event, you must first meet the following prerequisites: Reach Adventure Rank 25 or higher Complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act III Dragonsong and Freedom Complete the Chapter Diluc’s Story Quest Noctua: Act I – Dark Night Hero’s Alibi All players who meet the above conditions will automatically receive an event quest called Ghost of the Past. Use the quest navigator and head to Dawn Winery to speak to maid Adeline, then head to the Falcon Coast to investigate the remains of a camp. Once done, you must investigate the Red Ley Line and use a Trial Diluc in his Red Dead of Night outfit to defeat enemies to fully unlock the Hidden Strife event. Related: How to Solve the Luxurious Chest Starlight Coalescence Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Hidden Strife Event Gameplay and Mechanics

Screenshot by our guides Head to the Hidden Strife waypoint in Falcon Coast and interact with the red ley line to find seven challenges that unlock gradually over the first seven days of the event. You need to complete all seven on the lowest or highest difficulty to get the Primogem rewards (60 per challenge, 420 total).

Vicious Battle and Dire Strait modes

Each challenge consists of two battle modes: Vicious Battle and Dire Straits. You must complete Vicious Battle once on any difficulty level to unlock its corresponding Dire Straits mode, which is a much harder version of the challenge. Completing Dire Straits will only net you a small additional reward (Mystic Enhancement Ores), so you can choose to ignore it altogether.

Ley line residue

Under each challenge and game mode, you will find a description of the ley line remnant. This indicates all the combat bonuses you will receive by fulfilling certain conditions. It’s a good idea to read ley line stubs and build teams that can take advantage of them, especially for the Dire Straits mode.

Difficulty selection

After selecting a challenge, click the Select Difficulty button at the bottom right of the screen to choose between Perilous, Quandry, and Desperate. Completing a higher difficulty also unlocks all rewards for lower difficulties, so it’s highly recommended to choose Desperate from the start if you want to get all the rewards. But if you only care about Primogems, select Perilous. Image by Professional Game Guides Each difficulty level will have different challenge goals and time limits, which you can see in the difficulty selection menu. To complete each challenge, you simply need to complete all of the challenge objectives within the time limit.

How to Claim Rewards in Hidden Strife Event in Genshin Impact

Screenshot by our guides Head to the event menu and select Reward Preview. You can claim rewards for each challenge and difficulty level you complete. As mentioned earlier, completing a higher difficulty level will also earn you rewards for all of the easier levels, so you can upgrade to Desperate to save time. Check out our guide to all chest locations in the Golden Apple Archipelago – Genshin Impact Summertime Odyssey event to loot limited-time chests in the GAA while it’s still here.

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