Genshin Impact Hangout Event: Guide Sayu

Screenshot by Guides Sayu, one of the beloved Shuumatsuban ninjas of the Yashiro Commission, is a little obsessed with growing up (and sleeping to achieve that). But she has proven to be an incredibly reliable ally after helping Archon Quest Omnipresence Over Mortals players. time with this pint-sized ninja by unlocking his Hangout event with two story keys. Completing Hangouts will reward you with Adventure EXP, Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Guide to Light, Vayuda Turquoise Fragments, Achievements, and Dizziness-Be-Gone no Jutsu Version 2.0. There is no such thing as a bad ending, so take advantage of your time to hang out with the adorable ninja Mujina!

End 1: Everything in moderation

Screenshot by Guides The Hangout begins by following Sayu, who disguised herself as a barrel with a leaf. But you find her easily because of her tail sticking out. She begins to tell you about her work as a Shuumatsuban ninja and how he results in assassinations. Later, you find out that she has been tasked with murdering you. You confirm this information with Kano Nana, the priestess in charge of overseeing Sayu’s training, of course, without revealing that you had met Sayu. She offers to investigate the assassination request. Respond with Thanks, that could definitely help. Kano Nana eventually detects Sayu’s presence and forces her to resume ninja training in Chinju Forest, where you agree to accompany her. Upon her arrival, Kano Nana leaves the premises, causing a conversation with Sayu about her waist. Choose Options Growing up is what really interests you, isn’t it? and Sleeping alone is not enough to make you taller. Sayu then suggests that you go out and get some food. While she eats too much at Kiminami Restaurant, select the Do you still want to continue option? to complete this Hangout route. Completing this event will unlock the Dish Effect: Impaired Mobility achievement.

End 2: Like soaring in the heavens

Screenshot by Guides Start with the dialogue route recharge plan, which will take you back to the Kiminami restaurant. But instead of asking Sayu to continue to overeat, choosing the Eat this way option could have a negative effect on your health. Maybe we should consider other options. This will encourage you to offer a training activity by taking a Commission instead. Restaurant owner Kiminami Anna will ask you to clean up nearby treasures. After defeating them, take Sayu to a high point to make him feel like he is high. Related: Genshin Impact Ayaka Best Build, Team & More!

End 3: Certainly no work today!

Screenshot by Guides Start this Hangout from Give It Up! way of dialogue. In your conversation, choose options Growing up is what really interests you, isn’t it? and it is not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep that is keeping you from growing taller. Afterward, you’ll head to his favorite nap spot, only to find that he’s been passed by Pyro Slimes. Defeat them and accompany Sayu to his backup nap location, but he’s transformed into a Shuumatsuban training location by Kano Nana. Help Sayu collect the training tools and head to Narukami Shrine to find a new place to take a nap. You have to get to the sacred Sakura tree undetected, so run fast to avoid the eyes of the commissioners. Unfortunately, Kano Nana will eventually find Sayu, prompting the latter to flee. Related: All Electroculus Locations at Genshin Impact

End 4: With the trees

Screenshot by Guides Start with the dialogue route Give it up! This time, convince Sayu to train by choosing the option I see you are tired, but it is not good to neglect his work either. She will invite you to participate in a ninjutsu training session, which begins with an obstacle course. Just ignore the obstacles and walk near the lighted areas and complete the course in 90 seconds. This will unlock the Ninja Class Mujina achievement. After, you will participate in a live training session, where you will control Sayu to defeat the Slimes. Afterwards, she will suggest that you take a break, where she will tell you more about her sensei.

End 5: The best rest

Screenshot by Guides Start with the Shuumatsuban tour? a way of dialogue, which begins with a meeting with Sayu’s supervisor, Kano Nana. In your conversation with her, select the option While you research I will continue to investigate on my own, just to be safe. This will encourage him to leave the premises. Afterwards, you discuss the assassination request with Sayu and decide to investigate a suspicious individual from the Yashiro Commission. She leaves to send a false report and the commissioner responds by asking for a meeting near Byakko Plain. Select the option Tell us the truth, no more lies, and he will admit to having forged the demand to save his daughter, who was kidnapped by the Kairagi. Defeat the Kairagi to save his daughter and complete this Hangout Event.

End 6: Little Sayu’s Problems

Screenshot by Guides Start with the Two Can Play This Game dialogue track, where you face off against Commissioner Yashiro. Instead of believing his story, doubt him by selecting the Save it for the Yashiro Commission dialogue, I’m sure they would love to hear your story and come to the Kamisato Estate to report him. There you meet Kamisato Ayaka, who confirms his story. She’s a bit harsh on Sayu, so the latter leaves for some time alone. Head to the Balcony and comfort Sayu to complete this Hangout event. Completing all six endings will unlock the Bigger by Half achievement. If you enjoyed Sayu’s Hangout event, don’t forget to complete Thoma’s too! Check out our Genshin Impact Hangout: Thoma Guide event.

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