Genshin Impact bitter pufferfish, where and how to catch it?

In Genshin Impact, it is now possible to catch fish and in this guide we are interested in Bitter Pufferfish. We give you its location and how to fish it. In Genshin Impact, it is possible to harvest many resources in nature. Recently, new fish can now be caught in the game with the release of patch 2.1. Inazuma fishermen. You will find this fish in five fishing spots in the game world.

Where can you catch Bitter Pufferfish in Genshin Impact?

Before you can start looking for Bitter Pufferfish, we remind you that you will first need to have unlocked fishing and obtained your first fishing rod. For that, you will have to: Once done, you will be able to find it in five different places, including two in Inazuma, two in Mondstadt and one north of Liyue. Here are the five fishing spots where you can get them: Near Clearwater On the island south of the Dawn Domain teleportation point In Qingce Village At Nazuchi Beach In Ritou The fishing spots north of Inazuma , you will find puffer fish in points 1 and 3 You will need to use false flies to catch this fish. By exchanging this fish with the Inazuma Fishermen’s Association, you will be able to collect the refinement materials needed for The Catch, Ako’s Sake Glasses. We remind you in passing that you will need to recover 12 raimei scalars, 40 pufferfish and 40 bitter pufferfish to be able to obtain this weapon from Kujirai Momiji who is located near the teleportation point outside the City of Inazuma.

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