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Gardevoir is available on Pokémon Unite. How to play it and what are its capacities? Pokémon Unite is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you will have to choose between several different fighters. Gardevoir is a ranged attacker available since July 28, 2021. Learn more about its abilities and our tips for playing it.

Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite

Gardevoir Roles Difficulty Attacker Intermediate Remote

Recommended build of Gardevoir in Pokémon Unite

Recommended moves

Start move Teleport Level 4 Psyshock
(Psychic Shock) Level 6 Psychic

Recommended objects

Wise Glasses Choice Specs Shell Bell

Gardevoir’s moves in Pokémon Unite


One in three attacks is boosted. This boosted attack causes additional damage and lowers the opponent’s special defense for a short time.


Synchro If the Pokémon has its movement speed reduced or takes damage over time, it applies the same effect to the opponent who hit it.

Levels 1 to 3

(Mind Shock) Sends waves in one direction. Teleport

The launcher teleports to the location indicated. The next attack is more powerful.

Level 6

Choose between two spells to replace the Teleport spell. Psyshock
(Psychic Shock) Attack three times in front of the thrower. Improvement: Damage is increased every time the attack hits Future Sight
(Foreknowledge) Predicts an attack in a defined area. With each enemy hit by the attack, the cooldown is reduced. Improvement: If the attack hits, the cooldown returns to 0

Level 8

Choose between two spells to replace the Confusion spell. Psychic
(Psyko) Send a wave. If the wave hits an opponent or travels through its maximum range, a circle forms and does damage in the area of ​​effect, decreasing the movement speed of opponents hit. Improvement: The cooldown is reduced Moonblast
(Lunar Power) Cooldown Control: 6 secs Charge back with moon power. When the power hits an opponent, that opponent is stunned. Upgrade: Creates a shield

Level 10: Unite Move

Fairy Singularity
(Fairy Vortex) Cooldown Zone: 1 sec (charging required) A vortex spawns in the chosen zone. Opposing Pokémon are drawn to the center of the area. The area disappears by pushing back enemies and doing damage. You want more articles on Pokémon Unite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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