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Our solution for the FIFA 22 FUT Mode Team Building Challenge (DCE) with sample training for the Big Poster challenges that end on September 29. FIFA 22 is available from this Friday October 1, but already DCEs (Team Building Challenges) have been released by EA Sports due to Early Access, these challenges allow you to get Packs, Credits or directly from bonus cards by completing them. Find our guide to the September 23 Big Poster challenges that end on September 29 below. Once all of the challenges have been completed, you will receive a Premium Gold Player Pack. It should be noted that our solutions are based on the prices available on FUTBIN and not all players have a price on the platform yet.

New York City vs New York Red Bulls

Players – MLS: Minimum 1 Clubs: Minimum 4 Nationalities: Minimum 3 Players – Rare: Minimum 2 Team Rating: Minimum 73 Collective: Minimum 70 Reward: Small pack of rare silver players Price: 5,450 on PS4 Our example solution for the New York City vs New York Red Bulls challenge (via creator Futbin)

Lazio vs Roma FC

Players – Serie A: Minimum 1 Players – same country: Maximum 5 Clubs: Maximum 6 Players – rare: Minimum 3 Player level: Minimum collective money: Minimum 75 Reward: Mixed players pack Price: 7,800 on PS4, 8,000 on Xbox One and 8,550 on PC Our example solution for the Latium vs Roma FC challenge (via creator Futbin)

Gladbach vs Dortmund

Players – Gladbach + Dortmund: Minimum 1 Players – Bundesliga: Minimum 2 Players – same championship: Minimum 4 Players – Gold: Minimum 5 Team rating: Minimum 72 Collective: Minimum 80 Reward: Small player pack or Prime Price: 7,200 over PS4, 7,150 on Xbox One and 8,150 on PC Our example solution for the Gladbach vs Dortmund challenge (via creator Futbin)

Arsenal vs Spurs

Players – Arsenal + Tottenham Hotspurs: Minimum 1 Players – Premier League: Minimum 2 Players – same club: Minimum 2 Players – Rare: Minimum 1 Team rating: Minimum 75 Collective: Minimum 85 Reward: Mixed players pack Prime Price: 7,300 on PS4, 7,450 on Xbox One and 7,400 on PC Our example solution for the Arsenal vs Spurs challenge (via creator Futbin) Note that these trainings are examples of solutions and it is quite possible to succeed challenges with a whole different team. The price of the set that we give you is the full price of each card, their prices may change over time. You want more articles on FIFA 22? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! , 09/27/2021 at 6:45 PM

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