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Our solution for the FIFA 22 FUT Mode Team Building Challenge (DCE) with sample training for Hybrid Leagues challenges that are permanent, but non-repeatable. FIFA 22 is available from this Friday October 1, but already DCEs (Team Building Challenges) have been released by EA Sports due to Early Access, these challenges allow you to get Packs, Credits or directly from bonus cards by completing them. Find below our guide for Hybrid Leagues challenges that are permanent, but non-repeatable. Once all of the challenges have been completed, you will receive a Mega Rare Pack.

And five

Championships: Exactly 5 Players – same championship: Maximum 4 Players – same club: Maximum 4 Players – Rare: Minimum 6 Team rating: Minimum 69 Collective: Minimum 80 Reward: Mixed players pack Prime Price: 6,900 on PS4, 7,950 on Xbox One and 6,250 on PC Our sample solution for the And of Five challenge (via creator Futbin)

Seven League Boots

Championships: Exactly 7 Players – same championship: Maximum 3 Players – same club: Maximum 3 Team Rating: Minimum 78 Collective: Minimum 85 Reward: Electrum Prime Player Pack Price: 8,750 on PS4, 9,400 on Xbox One and 9,300 on PC Our example solution for the Boots of Seven Leagues challenge (via creator Futbin)

Nine in the spotlight

Championships: Exactly 9 Players – same championship: Maximum 2 Players – same club: Maximum 2 Players – Rare: Minimum 6 Collective: Minimum 99 Team Rating: Minimum 80 Reward: Mega Prize Pack: 23,850 on PS4, 25,650 on Xbox One and 27,850 on PC Our example solution for the Nine in the spotlight challenge (via creator Futbin)

First XI

Championships: Exactly 11 Players – Rare: Minimum 8 Player Quality: Gold Collective: 100 Reward: Rare Players Pack Price: 42,050 on PS4, 43,750 on Xbox One and 45,150 on PC Loyalty: For 1 player Our example solution for the Premier XI challenge (via the creator Futbin) Note that these trainings are examples of solutions and that it is quite possible to pass the challenges with a completely different team. The price of the set that we give you is the full price of each card, their prices may change over time.

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