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In Lost Ark, you will be able to collect mokokos seeds in different places including Liberty Island. We tell you where to find them. Lost Ark since its release allows players to complete many quests, explore dungeons, but also collect certain items necessary for your adventure or to complete your continental adventure book. Among the items to collect are the seeds of mokoko which allow you to obtain various rewards by collecting a certain number. Some players are wondering where these mokoko seeds are in a specific area, namely Liberty Island, so we are going to give you a map below showing their locations.

Where are Liberty Island and mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

If you want to know where Liberty Island is located in Lost Ark, well, it’s near the west coast of Anich as you can see in the map that follows.
Location of Liberty Island in Lost Ark (credits: Lost Ark Map)Once there, you will be able to start looking for mokoko seeds that will be close to the NPC Boris. Here is a map showing you the location of each of the three mokoko seeds on Liberty Island.
The mokokos seeds are represented by the yellow fruit icon (credits: Lost Ark Map) In case you have some difficulty finding them, we recommend that you consult the video made by GameSolce. Finally, we remind you that you will having to collect a certain number of mokoko seeds in order to receive specific rewards. If you want to know the number required for the different tiers of rewards, you can go to the Lost Ark Online website and to the page dedicated to mokoko seeds (source). Join the community on Discord, play Lost Ark with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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