Fortnite candies, where and how to pick them up in season 8?  –

Halloween has arrived in Fortnite, with a list of challenges already available to all players! One of them asks to collect candy, we explain how to do it. The Fortnitemares event is finally officially available in Fortnite! He’s here to celebrate Halloween, with in-game decorations, but also challenges to earn XP. These challenges are given by Follet, which it is not necessary to find in the game. One of the quests given by Follet asks to Pick up candy. But where are the candies in Fortnite for Halloween? You can get them in different cauldrons to destroy! We explain everything below.

Where are the Halloween candy in Fortnite?

Finding candy in Fortnite for Halloween couldn’t be easier! Go to any big city, and spot the cauldrons full of candy. You’ll usually find some on the ground near the front doors, but that’s not all, to help you find these cauldrons of candy you can use the screenshots below, which show what these cauldrons look like, as well as certain specific locations in the game: Location of a candy cauldron in Fortnite A destroyed cauldron of candy Once destroyed using your pickaxe or weapon, candy will fly out of this cauldron. All you have to do is interact with them to pick them up! The cauldrons can also look like this witch, which you see below: A cauldron of candy to destroy in Fortnite You should quickly collect the requested number of candies, and complete the quest easily! You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/19/2021 3:54 PM

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