Fortnite annual refund request, how do I get a refund for skins?  –

Refund requests are now updated on Fortnite, which means it will be possible to make more than three! We explain the new operation to you. The second patch of Fortnite season 8 has just been deployed, it’s 18.20! As always, new features and changes have taken place in the game, and one of those changes concerns refund requests. From now on, it will be possible to make more than three in total, since they will be updated! Each time you use one of these refund requests, it will come back to your account 365 days after its use. Be careful, however, if you use a second request a few days or weeks later, the updating of the two requests used will not be done until 365 days after the use of the last request.

How do annual refund requests work on Fortnite?

As you will have understood, it will now be possible to be reimbursed for more than 3 skins in total on Fortnite! You will still have 3 refund requests available, but these will update 365 days after using the last one. To use these refund requests, simply follow the steps below: Go to Fortnite Battle Royale mode Click on the Menu at the top right, then “Settings” Go to “Account and Privacy”, the last tab of the settings In “Refund requests”, select “Send a request” All you have to do is follow the different steps indicated by Epic Games to get a refund for the purchase of your choice! Eligible for refund are: Items purchased with V-Bucks within the last 30 days only. Single-use items like Battle Pass levels are non-refundable. You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/12/2021 11:32 AM

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