For Demacia, quote Loldle champion, what’s the answer?  –

On Loldle, you will be able to discover a new quote every day, belonging to a champion of the game. But which champion is the quote of the day? In recent months, many mini-games similar to Motus have appeared on the internet! The Sutom and Wordle are still widely played by many people, and their principle is simple: every day, guess a new word by knowing its first letter, as well as the number of letters composing it. A maximum number of tries is generally defined, and the word is still part of the dictionary. Many derivatives of this game have then emerged, and recently, a League of Legends version is offered. In this game, you will be given a quote, and you will have to guess which champion it belongs to. This game can be quite difficult, since no additional hints are given!

Which champion for the quote of the day on Loldle?

Every day, a new quote is offered, necessarily coming from a League of Legends champion. You will then have to guess which champion it is, without any additional clues! These quotes come from the phrases that the champions say in each game, which is therefore quite common to hear. For the moment, unfortunately, the game is only in English, it is therefore in this language that the quotes are also given. This Friday, August 5, 2022, the champion of the day for the quote is: Garen.Un new champion is to be guessed every 24 hours, with a brand new quote. You can then try your luck again tomorrow to find the champion of the day! This article will be updated with the correct solution. So Loldle has set up a similar game, but this time it’s a champion that you will have to find using different clues. With each try, the game will give you additional clues, helping you find the game a little easier. Head over to (source) to play it and try your luck every day! Also find our article on the answer of the day for the Loldle champion. Join the community on Discord, play LoL with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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