Fly away with a corrupted geyser in the Detours on Fortnite, Raven season 8 challenges –

How to fly with a corrupted geyser in the Detours on Fortnite for the challenges offered by Raven? We explain to you to validate the quest! New quests are available in Fortnite, with the arrival of the Raven and Cruel Hare NPCs. These challenges are available in the list of cards to fill, and allow you to get XP and advance in the game’s battle pass.Among the quests offered by Raven, one of them requires ‘fly away with a corrupted geyser in the Detours. But where are the geysers and how can I use them to complete the quest? We will explain everything to you !

How to fly with a corrupted geyser in Detours in Fortnite?

To start this quest, you will have to go to a detour. Their location is random for each game, and on the mini-map they appear as a circle in shades of pink and orange, as on the map below: The detour is circled in red on this map Once in the detour, this are the corrupted geysers that you are going to have to find! They appear in an orange circle on the ground, and are present everywhere. You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them, and to use them you just need to walk on them. Here’s what one of those geysers looks like: A Corrupted Geyser in Fortnite Detours Walk on it to use it and complete the quest. You will find yourself thrown into the air, inside the detour in which you are located. You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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