First, Marvel fell in love with XCOM, and then asked Firaxis to create Midnight Suns

In the new issue of the magazine Edge Magazine we learned that Marvel itself turned to Firaxis and asked the developers to create Marvel’s Midnight Suns

In a big article for the Edge 363 release, which goes on sale on Thursday, September 9th, Marvel’s Midnight Suns got a lot of attention. They explored an amazing approach to tactical combat and third-person sections. It was also revealed that Marvel personally approached XCOM developer, Firaxis, immediately after the studio finished work on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, and asked them to make a game based on Marvel comics.

Creative Director Jake Solomon told Edge:

I love Marvel and it’s mutual. You often hear executives praise the game. Perhaps they really like her or they play up. But the first call from Marvel and on the line is a VP with specific feedback on XCOM’s final mission.

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