Fireteam Elite will feature Phalanx class

Cooperative Shooter Developers Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Cold Iron Studios, revealed plans to launch the first season of post-release support for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Among other things, a new class awaits us.

The Phalanx class, which will be available for free to all gamers, involves the use of large energy shields. This way you can hide in your own mobile bunker. But in order to use the shield, fighters of this class must have one hand free, so they can only equip one-handed weapons – for example, pistols.

The Phalanx class has the Shock Pulse ability that immobilizes enemies. There will be other unique perks that the default fighters of the five classes do not have.

In addition, Season 1 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite includes four new weapons – the Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle, the L33 Pike Rifle, the L59 Minigun Heavy Weapon, and the N79 EVA Laser Pistol. There will also be a cowboy hat, other accessories, new colors and decors for weapons, and an armor set for Sergeant Park.

Wey-Yu Armory will cost you $ 9.99. Or you get the expansion for free if you previously purchased the Deluxe Edition. The DLC includes 12 skins, 4 weapon decorations, 4 head accessories, 4 weapon colors, 4 emotes, and 3 challenge cards. More details can be found on the Aliens: Fireteam Elite website.

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