Fighting stickleback Genshin Impact, where and how to fish it?

In Genshin Impact, it is now possible to catch fish and in this guide we are interested in the Fighting Stickleback. We give you its location and how to fish it. In Genshin Impact, it is possible to harvest many resources in nature. Recently, new fish can now be caught within the game with the release of patch 2.1.Among all the fish to be caught, we find the Fighting Stickleback which will be useful for you to obtain one of the rewards from the Fishermen’s Association. by Liyue. You will find this fish in the two fishing spots south of Liyue and in most of those north of Liyue.

Where can I catch Stickleback Sticklebacks in Genshin Impact?

Before you can start looking for the Fighting Sticklebacks, we remind you that you will first need to have unlocked fishing and obtained your first fishing rod. For that, you will have to: Once that is done, you will be able to go to Liyue in order to obtain it easily. You will find them in the two fishing spots south of Liyue, but also at locations 1, 5, 7, 8 and 9 in northern Liyue. Fishing spots in northern Liyue You will need to use foul bait to catch this fish. By exchanging this fish with the Liyue Fishermen’s Association, you will be able to recover the Wishmaker fishing rod which will make it easier for you to catch fish in Liyue. 20 Medakas, 20 Sweet Medakas, 20 Fighting Sticklebacks and 20 Brown Butterflyfish to be able to get this fishing rod from Jiawei who is on a pontoon in the southern corner of Liyue Port.

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