FIFA 22 intuitive shooting, how to perform the technical gesture?

In FIFA 22, there are a number of skill moves you can perform. In this guide, we explain how to perform one of these gestures, intuitive shooting. FIFA 22 like the previous games allows players to perform many technical gestures in order to be able to score more easily or avoid an opponent.Among the movements to score a goal, we find the intuitive shooting, a technical gesture that is not possible to do with all the players within the EA Sports title.

How to achieve intuitive shooting in FIFA 22?

If you want to make an intuitive shot, you will need to use a player with the “Flair” trait. When you control the player who has this trait, press the following default keys: L2 + ◯ on PS4 and PS5 LT + B on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S ZL + A on Nintendo Switch It is also possible to do this special shot with less precision with the following default keys: L2 + X on PS4 and PS5 LT + A on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S ZL + B on Nintendo Switch Also remember to orient the direction of your shot with your joystick directional. Other shots are possible and here is a small table with the corresponding keys. Gesture PS Xbox Switch Shooting ◯ B A Ground shooting 2 x ◯ 2 x B 2 x A Fine shooting R1 + ◯ RB + B R + A Lob / Pichenette L1 + ◯ LB + B L + A

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