FIFA 22 blue screen, how to fix the bug?  –

On FIFA 22, sometimes players will experience the blue screen bug. This article explains how to solve this problem. In FIFA 22 as in many other online games, from time to time players will experience issues when trying to play the game. Among the issues that some players have experienced is the blue screen bug which is usually due to a write problem if the game is installed on an SSD.

Is there a fix for the blue screen bug on FIFA 22?

If you want to know if it is possible to fix the blue screen problem, well yes, there are many solutions on the internet and therefore you are given all the tips that have been given by other players.

Transfer your game files to an HDD hard drive

In some cases, there may be times when the problem is that you are using an SDD hard drive rather than an HDD. If so, consider moving your game files to a regular hard drive to fix the bug.

Update your graphics drivers

It is also possible that you may encounter this blue screen bug due to outdated graphics drivers. So update your graphics card drivers via AMD Radeon Software for AMD cards and Nvidia GeForce Experience software for Nvidia cards.

Check your files

You may also not have all the files necessary for the correct functioning of the game. Think about launching a repair in order to check that you have well that your game file is indeed complete.

Start Windows in clean mode

In some cases, the bug may be due to overconsumption of your system resources. So remember to follow the instructions given by Windows to start your system in clean mode and then restart your PC (source).

Don’t play from EA Desktop

Some players try to play with EA Desktop, but the program is still in beta so you might run into some bugs. So consider launching FIFA 22 from Origin or Steam.

Edit the FIFA 22 DirectX file

Another solution may be to modify your DirectX file for FIFA 22. To do this, do the following: Go to the game installation folder and locate the fifasetup.ini file. Open the file with Notepad and change the line DIRECTX_SELECT = 0 to DIRECTX_SELECT = 1 In case it is already set to 1, change it to 0 Save the file and restart the game

Disable third-party software overlay

The last solution can also be to disable the overlay of third-party software such as Steam, Discord, MSI or even Origin. To find out how, you can read the QM Gamers article (source). Finally, if despite all these solutions you still have the blue screen bug, we recommend that you submit a service ticket on EA Help to have an advisor who will assist you in solving your problem. You want more articles on FIFA 22? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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