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In Far Cry 6 players can obtain numerous trophies to reward their achievements. Find the full list of achievements below. Back for a new episode Far Cry 6 sends players to a tropical island to end the dictatorship of Anton Castillo and his son Diego. The players then join the guerrilla rebellion as Dani Rojas. Throughout their adventures players will be rewarded for their achievements with trophies. Find below the complete list of Far Cry 6 trophies on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

What are the trophies of Far Cry 6?

There are many trophies in Far Cry 6. Some are easy to obtain since they simply require advancing in the game. Others are more complex and require a little more effort. Name Description Conquistador Unlock all trophies. Yo soy Dani Rojas Choose Dani’s look (single player campaign only). Hidden in the Light Reach Miami. Independence Recruit Legends of 67 and Morale. Justice Montero Recruit the Montero. The Voice of the People Recruit the Máximas Matanzas. Long live the revolución! Take Yara back. Ninja Capture an FND base without being spotted (single player campaign only). Co-Dependency Capture an NDF base in co-op with a partner. Complete Freedom Capture all FND bases (single player campaign only). Robin Hood Bring back 3 FND resource vehicles in perfect condition. Under Control Capture 10 Control Posts (Single Player Campaign only). Plague Crash Detonate 16 antiaircraft guns (single player campaign only). Rain of Riches Intercept 10 Military Supply Drops (Single Player Campaign only). Habits and Customs Complete Yara’s Story “Blessings of Triada”. Debate Win a cockfight. Heat the Gum Complete 3 Grand Prizes. Luck of the Beginning Win a game of dominoes. Hot Shot Complete a Special Operation. Guerrilla Ace Successfully complete 5 Bandidos operations. Dangerous Driving Kill an enemy by machete vehicle from a horse. Arm yourself to the teeth Collect 49 unique weapons. Hogar Dulce Hogar Completely upgrade a facility in a Guerrilla Camp (Single Player Campaign only). Hiking Get all of Yara’s Supremo. At table ! Buy 15 meals. We turn up the sound Find 15 USB keys. Puzzle Unlock 15 cryptogram chests. Deep down Collect the 4 vehicles. Intensive breeding Find all the roosters. Faithful Friends Recruit 5 Amigos. Crocophile Pat Guapo. Like a Rooster in Paste Equip Chicharrón with the King of Hearts outfit. Secret Weapon Distract 10 soldiers with Chorizo. Getting Hot Kill 10 soldiers during the alert. Jawson Brody Kill a shark with a blast. Great Catch Catch 10 fish. Obsolete Gear Kill a soldier by sabotaging an alarm. That’s enough ! Kill 3 Insurgent Leaders. Not So Special Eliminate 10 Special Forces soldiers. Char-jacking Neutralize a tank with EMP and deflect it. Ultimate Predator Hunt all mythical animals (single player campaign only). The great toboggan Slide 200 meters in one go. Chauffard Ride on 10 soldiers in a vehicle. Slow Use a control panel to turn off all cameras and alarms. Execution from above Kill a soldier 50 meters below. Toxic Personality Kill 5 enemies with poisoned soldiers. Fashionista Equip a complete set. DIY Pro Install all mods for a DIY weapon. Camping Paradise Build one of each type of camp setup (Single Player Campaign only). Heroic Tuning You must have installed 10 pieces on a locomotion mode. High Command Reach the Commander level. The Cold Head Complete a special operation without the PG-240X thermometer exceeding 50%. Hands on the Loot Locate a cache of Moneda during a Special Operation. Endgame Free 30 hostages during a Lola Informers challenge in Special Operation. (source: psthc.fr – PlayStation 5 List) To stay up to date with the latest Far Cry 6 news, do not hesitate to consult our portal dedicated to Ubisoft games. Published on 10/11/2021 4:07 PM

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