Fashion Week 2021 on Pokémon GO, with Couafarel –

Pokémon are celebrating Fashion Week on Pokémon GO, and Couafarel arrives for a big fashion show. How to participate in the event? For Fashion Week 2021, Couafarel is making its Pokémon Go debut, and the Pokémon poodle can take on many different forms and change its appearance. Find out all the info on this event which takes place from Tuesday, September 21 at 10 a.m. to Tuesday, September 28 at 8 p.m.

New Pokémon: Couafarel

Couafarel will be present for this event and will introduce a new gameplay mode: shape shifting.

Costumed pokemon

Some Pokémon will be costumed especially for the occasion: Butterfly (new) Farfuret (new) Zébibron (new) Lippouti Kirlia Lixy Cradopaud

New part of the Chenapan Incompris study

New missions will be unlocked to continue the Chenapan Incompris special study from Tuesday, September 21 at 10 a.m.

Meloetta in a special study

Trainers will be able to meet the Pokémon Meloetta in a special study. Trainers who have already obtained Meloetta during Pokémon Go Fest 2021 will be able to obtain Meloetta candies but will not encounter the Pokémon again.

Shiny pokemon

It will be possible to obtain the shiny forms for: Costumed butterfly shiny Costumed scoundrel shiny Lippouti costumed shiny Kirlia costumed shiny Lixy costumed shiny Cradopaud costumed shiny Costumed zebibron shiny

Pokemon in the wild

Some Pokémon will be found more often in the wild: Couafarel Costumed Kirlia Costumed Zebibron Costumed Cradopaud Costumed Butterfly


Here are the Pokémon that will appear in Raids:

1 star raids

3 star raids

Costumed Butterfly Costumed Kirlia

One-off study

A one-off study will be organized for this Fashion Week. You will get rewards including an exclusive Couafarel Wig avatar item.

Fashion Week avatar items

Skins will be available in the store from September 20 at 10 p.m., for example Hoopa Bracelets. You want more articles on Pokémon Go? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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