Far Cry 6 : Where to find the circuit locations?

Far Cry 6’s industrial circuits are an important part of the craft. They are essential for upgrading some of Yara’s most unique weapons: Resolver weapons. These will allow you to injure Anton Castillo’s FND army, but to take them to the next level you need to find industrial circuit locations first. Unlike Gunpowder and Supremo Bonds, two other important crafting materials in Far Cry 6, you won’t come across industrial circuits just by playing in-game. Instead, there are just a few ways and locations to actually acquire them.

How to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6

Buy them at Lola’s black market

One of the easiest ways to find industrial circuits is to buy them from Lola. Lola can be found in any of Yara’s three main guerrilla bases once you open them by completing Campaign Missions for the Monteros, Maximas Matanzas, or Legends. Lola is the vendor you visit for Special Operations co-op missions, Far Cry 6; it’s often next to Bandido operations, too. However, talk to Lola and you’ll notice a black market menu next to Special Ops. Click on them to find their selection of weapons, Chibis models, and crafting materials such as industrial circuits. Anything on the Black Market can be purchased with the Moneda currency, which is obtained by completing any online cooperative multiplayer activity, completing Special Ops through Lola, or through the Weekly Insurgency. Insurgencies don’t unlock until you complete the main campaign, but offer 2,500 Moneda every week. While each industrial circuit costs 150 Moneda each, you’ll be swimming in currency and these crafting components if you stick to the activities above.

Commercial meat for industrial circuits

Lola is not the only source of industrial circuits in Yara. You can also collect the resource by trading meat. However, only certain types of Animal Meat are in demand for rare crafting and upgrade materials. You Will Need: Alpha Crocodile Meat Alpha Jaguar Meat Alpha Coyote Meat Since these qualities are a little harder to find in the wild, you will need to be delicate when hunting crocs, jaguars, and coyotes. This means no ballistic weapons if you haven’t upgraded the hunting lodge. Instead, use something like the bow to take down your prey. Acquiring the Primal Hunting Outfit is a big help here as it offers a ton of perks for animal hunting. If you upgrade your hunting lodge, you should be able to use any weapon without worrying about wasting your meat. Once you’ve acquired the right meat, you can trade it in at any Yara workbench. Simply go to your workbench and select the trade materials option at the bottom. Here you can look at all the meat you have and the components that their exchange will give you.

So, why collect this crafting resource?

Industrial circuits are among the rarest upgrade components in the game, and it takes a bit of time to root them out. They are important, however, as they are used to create advanced upgrades for your weapons and Supremos. This makes them incredibly valuable for your final builds when you are finalizing the perfect loadout. Most advanced upgrades will set you back between three and five circuits, so you’ll need to pick up a decent collection as you make your way through Anton’s Army. And that’s how to find industrial circuits in Far Cry 6. Now that you have the proper resource slots, you can upgrade your Supremo weapons and arsenal to become the ultimate guerrilla fighter, freeing Yara from Castillo’s grip. If you found this guide useful, consider clicking the links above or heading here!

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