Far Cry 6 rising tide, what order to get the treasure?  –

The Treasure of the Rising Tide is one of Far Cry 6’s puzzles that can be tricky to solve! We explain how to do it. Far Cry 6 game contains several puzzles, which can be difficult to solve on your own! So it can be easy to get stuck in the game, and not be able to move forward through the main story. One of the puzzles that is easy to block is the Rising Tide Treasure, this puzzle works with switches, which must be flipped in the correct order. It is possible to find the solution by yourself by going under the house, but it is not easy if you do not think about going there! To find the solution to the riddle without having to go under this house, you can find the complete order of the switches to activate below.

Treasure of the rising tide in Far Cry 6, what order for the switches?

To complete this puzzle and unlock the Camo Quinceanera weapon, you will have to activate switches in the house. All you need to do is interact with the different red buttons on the wall in a specific order, based on the names listed next to them. The order of the switches is as follows: Tigre del mar Papa pimp El lucky Clarita Victoria red By following this order, the hiding place where the treasure is located will open! You will thus obtain a unique rifle, which will be very useful for the rest of your adventure. This is the “Camo Quinceanera” weapon. Published on 10/13/2021 5:21 PM

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