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There is a possibility to advance in Far Cry 6 missions in multiplayer! We explain how to activate the co-op mode to play with 2. As in most Far Cry, there is a Co-op mode in Far Cry 6! It allows two players to play, to accomplish missions more easily and earn more rewards. It is therefore interesting to know how this multiplayer mode works, and especially how to unlock it to be able to advance with another person in the game. A condition exists to access the co-op mode of Far Cry 6: you must have completed the mission “Gold Die ”. Once it’s done, all you have to do is start your game, then click on the icon with two white characters: this is the co-op icon. You will then have the choice to invite a friend, search or become a partner.

How to play multiplayer co-op on Far Cry 6?

To play for two on Far Cry 6, there is the co-op mode. This is the game’s multiplayer, which allows you to play with a friend, but also to find or become a partner if you don’t know who to play with. This co-op mode will then allow you to accomplish missions and earn even more rewards! But how to join him To get the co-op mode, you will have to start by completing the mission “Du or Die”, which is part of the main story, and which should take you on average 1h30 to complete. Once it’s done, you will have unlocked the co-op mode! You can then start a game, then click on the icon with two characters at the top right of your screen.
Co-op mode icon in Far Cry 6 The game will then give you three options: Play with a friend Find a partner Become a partner Choose the one that suits you best to play with someone! Published on 10/11/2021 3:12 PM

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