Far Cry 6 Map – All Regions and Their Villains

Similar to previous titles in the franchise, Far Cry 6 offers a massive map for players to explore. The map plays a crucial role in enhancing the distinctive open world experience of Far Cry. Far Cry 6 is set in a fictional island country, Yara, located in the Caribbean. The following list shows different regions and antagonists of all these regions. Of these, four are major regions.


Villain: Anton Castillo – El Presidente | Dictator of Yara and the main antagonist in the history of Far Cry 6.

MADRUGADA – Greater Region

Sub-regions: Costa Del Mar, Lozania and Aguas Lindas. Villain: Jose Castillo – Commander of the FND | Nephew of the president who also controls the production of poison Viviro Tobacco. Allies: Carlos Montero – Chief of the Montero clan | Farmer and father of Camilla “La Espada” Montero.

GOLDEN VALLEY – Greater Region

Sub-regions: Noventarmas, Shooting, Barrial and Cruz Del Salvador. Villain: Maria Marquessa – Minister of Culture | The Yaran royalty who manages government propaganda. Allies: Talia and Paolo – Maximas Matanzas | Yara’s outcasts. Related: All Weapons In Far Cry 6

EST – Greater Region

Sub-regions: La Joya, Conuco and Sierra Perdida. The Villains: Admiral Benitez – FND Navy Commander Sean McKay – Company A ** hole | Imperialist who oversees Yara’s tobacco trade. Allies: El Tigre – Legend of ’67 | Fist of the Yaran Revolution of 67.


Sub-regions: Quito and Vencejo. Allies: Clara Garcia – The boss | Head of Liberty. Juan Cortez – Solve the master | Ex-spy. This is the island where you complete your first set of missions and defeat the FND to reach the Yara mainland.


Libertad Headquarters (HQ) located near the Yara continent in Far Cry 6.


A small island located north of Esparanza. To learn more about Farcry 6, head over to Where to Find and the Beat Goes On… Treasure in Far Cry 6 – Treasure Hunt Guide on Guides.

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