Far Cry 6 Hunting Outfit: How To Get The Animal Set

Since being linked with FC3 upgrades, the hunt has been a big part of Ubisoft’s open world franchise. And while those side missions aren’t as important in the last installment as they once were, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the activity altogether. To get the most out of your efforts, you’ll need the Far Cry 6 Hunting Outfit: The Animal Set. Upgrading and crafting require materials and components. Sometimes the easiest way to find them is to swap meat supplies at one of the workbenches around Yara. To be better equipped to hunt some of the most elusive and legendary animals, the Animal Set outfit will turn you into a hunting machine.

Where to find the animal set hunting outfit in Far Cry 6

Craft the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Upgrade

The hunting lodge can be built in any of Yara’s three base camps in Madrugada, Valle de Oro and El Este. You will need medicine and metal to build this upgrade from the facility to the construction office. Once you have it, you have predatory animal hunting points marked around the Far Cry 6 map, get the unique Ciervo Macho shotgun, and have the option to get extra meat from carcasses animals. Most importantly, it unlocks the set of animals that you can purchase. However, you won’t need your usual crafting components or pesos for this one. Instead, you’ll need specific animal skins and skins to purchase each of the five pieces of armor: Primal Mask Headgear (MamuTito’s Tusks) Primal Vest Chest Gear (Venodiente Leather) Primal Leg Gear Pants (Sanguinario Pelt) Wrist gear Primal Bracer (White Demoniaco Pelt) Foot gear Primal Boots (Black Demoniaco Pelt)

Primal Mask: Where to Find MamuTito’s Tusks

The Primal Mask has the Predator Sense ability, which marks nearby animals. To purchase the mask, you will need Mammutito’s Tusks. You can start the Mammutito hunt in the town of Armonia north of Quito, east of Prado Meadows. Approach the bar near the dock (the one where you first meet Juan and Guapo). Here you will find a notice begging you to kill the boar. From there you can travel north of the city to the location indicated. You can find Mammutito below in a sloping ridge. But beware: they are surrounded by other wild boars and can be an appropriate task to defeat. Once you’ve defeated Mammutito – I used an RPG – Mammutito’s defenses are collected automatically.

Primal vest: where to find Venodiente leather

The Primal Vest has the benefit of reduced animal detection, which really does what it says on the tin. You can now get much closer to the animals before they attack or run away. To unlock this part of the Animal Set, you will need Venodiente Leather, which is obtained by killing the Venodiente Crocodile. Head north of Libertad Island to Balaceras, west of Cienaga Nublada National Park on the map. If you have already managed to retrieve the location of this animal, it will appear as hazardous waste disposal. Venodiente is one of the most difficult enemies to defeat, as he is both a giant crocodile and gives off poison, which deals damage if you breathe him in (wear the Hazmat suit or the Hazmat headgear for protection) . The crocodile is surrounded by other crocodiles as well, so you can try to focus on them first. Once you have successfully defeated Venodiente, you will receive their leather.

Primal Pants: Where to find Sanguinario Skin

The Primal pants have the Big Quiver advantage, which improves your arrow reserves. To unlock them, you will need Sanguinario’s skin. You will find this skin near the location shown on the map above, on the southern coast of Sierra Perdida, on the coast from Vacia to El Este. But you will have to wait until night to get it. When you get to the scene, walk to the end of the dock and pull out your fishing rod. Almost immediately you will hear Jaguar approaching. This jaguar is a beast and comes with an entourage, so make sure you’re well-stocked for a fight. Hunting rifles and machine guns are the way to go for this one.

Primal Bracers, Primal Boots: Where to Find White and Black Demoniaco Skins

The Primal Bracers have the Big-Game Carver ability, which improves the amount of animal meat you collect, and the Primal Boots have the Swift Predator advantage, which greatly improves your speed after killing an animal. The last two pieces of equipment that make up the animal set can be acquired at the same time. For the Primal bracelets and the Primal boots, you will need the white and black Demoniaco skins. Both can be found at the location shown above, just south of Ida’s refuge in the north of Aguas Lindas. You will come here as part of the Triada Relics treasure hunt. This is the only fight with two targets, so keep your head on a pivot. Any of Demoniaco’s Wolves can revive, so be sure to confirm your kill before they return with snapping jaws. And that’s how you get the Animal Set Hunting Outfit in Far Cry 6. Build the hunting lodge upgrade, go hunting and reap the rewards. Now you are ready to take on even more formidable predators across Yara, including the legendary strain! To learn more about FC6, be sure to look at our other advice articles here or by clicking the links above.

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