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In F1 22, you will be able to drive on many circuits including the one in Hungary. We give you the best setup for the race. F1 22, the new opus of the famous racing simulation based on the F1 world championship is now available and it is possible to get it for free if you subscribe to EA Play Pro on PC.As in previous games, you will be able to drive on many circuits including that of Hungary. Some players are also wondering what are the best settings for this race and we will relay to you those recommended by Rummy F1.

How to properly set up your car for the Hungarian GP in F1 2022?

If you want to know what the best settings are for riding the Hungaroring circuit in Hungary, well, here is the configuration recommended by Rami F1 in a video on YouTube.


Front wing aerodynamics: 44 Rear wing aerodynamics: 50


Differential adjustment on acceleration: 65% Differential adjustment on deceleration: 55%

Suspension geometry

Front camber: -2.50° Rear camber: -1.90° Front convergence: 0.05° Rear convergence: 0.20°


Front suspension: 10 Rear suspension: 1 Front anti-roll bar: 10 Rear anti-roll bar: 1 Front ground clearance: 3 Rear ground clearance: 4


Brake pressure: 100% Front brake balance: 50%


Front Right Tire Pressure: 24.5 psi Front Left Tire Pressure: 24.5 psi Rear Right Tire Pressure: 22.2 psi Rear Left Tire Pressure: 22.2 psi Of course, these settings are for information only and it is possible that you feel that certain modifications are necessary in order to better suit your riding style or your preferences. Finally, we remind you that F1 22 is available since Friday July 1 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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