Era of Heroes Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide to Beat All Stages

Era of heroes is a brand new RPG card collecting game that has just launched on the app store. I have to admit that I played the game for 30 minutes and I still wasn’t very sure about what was going on there – with all the names I couldn’t remember and the action I couldn’t follow, but so or else I kept playing because I wanted to move forward, I wanted to improve my heroes and have the best possible heroes in my formation. So I decided to help you get the most out of this game by sharing some Era of Heroes Cheats, Tips and Strategies to ace all the stages and have as much fun as possible while playing the game.

So let’s not waste another second: there is a lot to talk about in Era of Heroes, so let’s look at the tips and tricks below!

1. Don’t forget to level up your heroes
I used to think that all heroes gain experience and level while playing a mission, but this is not the case. So remember to line them up individually and line them up as soon as possible. Don’t use the auto-fill option all the time because you can waste cards (the game doesn’t care about the maximum level and will add the maximum number of cards even if your heroes cannot pass a certain level). Use autocomplete once and then manually level up your heroes to their max level.

2. Repeat steps
There are two reasons why you can play the same stages over and over again: The first and most important is to get certain bits of equipment or items needed to advance your heroes. Check the list of rewards at any stage and reproduce those that might offer you the items you need. Ideally, go to the steps that have fewer items in the list — and all the ones you need. If you only want one of the 5 possible rewards, it might be harder for you to get this!

Plus, you must replay the boss battle sages to get the war souls you need to further improve your heroes and unlock brand new, better heroes. Keep in mind that you can only replay boss stages 5 times a day and regular stages 10 times a day – so plan your moves accordingly, especially since you don’t have unlimited energy!

3. Take the opportunity to skip and Auto battle
Once you complete a stage, when you play it, you can click the Skip button in the lower right corner to fast forward it. You have to do this with every stage during the battle, but it is still much faster than going through every stage, even at the top of the speed. Then, once you reach level 30, you can automatically play battles more than once from the battle menu – which is what you should use to replay the stages for equipment and other loot.

4. Robbery is your friend
Requiring just 2 stamina, looting is extremely rewarding: choose easy targets and you will receive your rewards in no time. Use loot options to get the largest weapons available, as well as pets for your heroes and boosted conditions. You must love loot and keep playing if you want to improve your stats!

5. Level up all equipment
Just like your heroes, equipment can be upgraded, as well as pets. Personally, I would suggest upgrading all the equipment you get – it will take a while before you get that much equipment to be picky, but it will be difficult for you to fill all of your heroes’ slots at first, so don’t worry about the cost of upgrading low equipment. Use the quick equip option for all of your heroes, then start upgrading to level 10 on your first hero. Then play a few battles and use Quick Quip again on the remaining heroes (to add any additional equipment you might win). Upgrade everything to level 10 on your second hero and then keep doing it.

6. Collect all the awards
There are tons of rewards that you can collect in this game, from daily rewards to online rewards (offered for being in the game for X minutes) to free the recruits hero and more. Make sure you check everything that has an exclamation mark, red dot or something similar and collect all the rewards – they can all be used to improve your heroes and therefore your chances of winning.

It would be now! If you have any other Era of Heroes tips and tricks, feel free to let us know by commenting below!

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